RAD-60 type personal dose Alarm

RAD-60 type personal dose Alarm

Product description:

RAD-60 type personal dose Alarm

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Beijing Hua Ruisen Technology Development Co., Ltd. China Regional Sales: Finland RAD-60 type personal radiation dose monitoring alarm device is an in γ-ray and X-ray irradiation of staff personal dose Alarm .RAD-60 type personal dose Alarm It can accurately measure radiation dose in order to ensure that the radiation dose irradiated staff kept reasonably low reached. cumulative dose or dose rate values ​​are displayed on the LCD screen. When the dose or dose rate exceeds a preset value on an audible alarm sounds The energy compensation circuit ensures that the instrument has high accuracy, even removing the battery, the measurement results can still stored in the chip will not be lost. RAD-60 type personal dose Alarm rugged and waterproof enclosure splash, RAD-60 type personal dose Alarm is smooth and easy decontamination materials made of impact-resistant, designed to prevent the reading due to mechanical impact or due to RF field and accidentally erased.

2 ﹑ RAD-60 type personal dose Alarm Features

1. alarm range can be arbitrarily selected; 2. cumulative radiation dose; 3. measure real-time radiation dose rate; 4. digital display; 5. Small size, light weight; 6. High sensitivity; 7. uSv / h and mR / h unit of measurement used interchangeably

3 ﹑ RAD-60 type personal dose Alarm Specifications

1. Can the probe radiation types: γ-rays and x-rays.

2. The energy response range: 60 KeV-3.0 MeV (better than ± 25%)

3. Measuring range: dose 1μSv-9.99Sv (0.1 mrem-999 rem)

The dose rate: 5μSv / h-3Sv / h (0.5mrem / h-300rem / h)

5. Measurement Accuracy: ± 5% (Cs137662KeV dose rate 2mSv / h time)

6. dose rate linearity: ± 15%

7. Type of detector: Silicon (crystal) diodes

8. Operating temperature range: -20 ℃ to + 50 ℃

9. Operating Humidity: 10% -90% (relative humidity)

10. Size: 78x67x22mm (not including pocket clip)

11. RAD-60 type personal dose Alarm Weight: 80g (with battery)

12. Battery Type: No. 1.5V7 alkaline batteries

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