Beijing CRC-25R radionuclide activity meter, meter live

Beijing CRC-25R radionuclide activity meter, meter live

Product description:

Beijing CRC-25R radionuclide activity meter, meter live

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Beijing Hua Ruisen Technology Development Co., Ltd. China Regional Sales:.. CRC-25R radionuclide activity meter, CRC-25R radionuclide activity meter manufactured by American CAPINTEC INC CRC-25R radionuclide activity meter uses the most advanced technology, can quickly and accurately measure the radioactivity of the sample and display corrected dose. CRC-25R radionuclide activity meter design, easy to operate, with 9 preset nuclide key (one core Key elements for measuring F18, measuring value 2.0Ci), 5 user customizable nuclide keys, and a calibration key; CRC-25R radionuclide activity meter can enter up to 80 nuclides, and their half-lives are stored in memory. Just enter the number of nuclides CAL, you can directly access up to 200 selectable radionuclides.

CRC-25R radionuclide activity meter Features:

1. Upgrade and adds new features: with a USB and RS232 port for connecting a USB printer, SD flash card and remote display.

2. Can be time correction, high definition large character LCD radionuclide name, the measured value, unit, activity and calibration number

3. The memory can store five automatic source decay corrected reference data and four standard sources of data

4. Built-in quality control systems and testing procedures

5. Automatic background subtraction and automatic zeroing

6. Menu-molybdenum technetium analysis program

CRC-25R radionuclide activity meter Specifications:

Measuring range: maximum activity 250GBq (6Ci)

Repeatability: ± 2% within

Minute debate rate: maximum 0.001MBq (0.01μCi)

Response time: (low-activity samples) from 4 to 16 seconds

System Linear: ± 2% or less

Electrometer accuracy: better than ± 2%

Response time: (high-activity sample) within two seconds

Power requirements: 100-240VAC (50 / 60Hz) 90MA

Connection cable: 3.7m (12 ')

Ionization chamber: thin wall; deep; high pressure 650px (10 'height * 150px (2.4') diameter

CRC-25R radionuclide activity meter display unit size: 12.1 * 25.4 * 667.5px.

CRC-25R radionuclide activity meter Weight: 2kg

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