Food liquid solid sample radioactivity monitoring system

Food liquid solid sample radioactivity monitoring system

Product description:

SPIR-Quanta food liquid solid sample radioactivity monitoring system

SPIR-Quanta Food liquid solid sample radioactivity monitoring system Using a 3-inch * 3 inch NaI (TI) detectors, 20mm lead, collecting samples of Marlin Cup gamma spectrometry.

SPIR-Quanta Food liquid solid sample radioactivity monitoring system Software via USB or network port connection for laptop, eds.

SPIR-Quanta Food liquid solid sample radioactivity monitoring system Use standard Marlin Cup: 1L:133N-E+L-5cover; 2L: 233N-E+L-6cover

SPIR-Quanta Food liquid solid sample radioactivity monitoring system Is one of the SPIR-Ident technical products, reliable, highly sensitive, quantitative analysis of gamma radionuclides. Marlin Cup, large 3-inch * 3 inch NaI scintillators and lead shielding, and effectively improve the detection limit.

Measuring mode can be predefined or user-defined and predefined patterns including nuclear accident 137Cs, 134Cs, 131I concentration measurements.

User-defined mode provides a wide range of applications covering nuclear facilities, demolition/decommissioning, radionuclide emissions measurement and analysis in the areas of medical. PC software can be easy and step by step measurement process, display type and corresponding quantitative radionuclide activity units. Only with USB or Ethernet laptop computer, portable size and weight, suitable for field use.


Devoted to identifying samples for the presence of radioactive material radionuclide and radioactivity.

Samples can be liquid or solid.

Often used to measure drinking water around nuclear facilities, radioactive contamination of food.

When the measurement is complete, the system will show the detected radionuclides in samples, as well as the specific activity of the sample.


▪ Large detector, Marlin Cup and the algorithm improves sensitivity

▪ Super error correction anti-interference ability

▪ Easy operation

▪ Predefined and user-customization

▪ Automated energy calibration

▪ Field portable

Performance test

Comparing different types of expected radionuclides and materials measured energy spectra and Monte Carlo simulation (MCNP) eds, conducted an extensive performance testing and evaluation.

For 137Cs, 134Cs, 60Co in water for 10 minutes minimum detectable limit of measurement can reach 10Bq/L. detection limit depends on the sample materials, natural radioactivity and natural background.

Working principle

SIA/identpro algorithm provides a regional analysis of the multiple ROIs and iterative method to low confidence gradually excluded from interfering peaks, quantitative analysis based on a desired radionuclide peak area. In this way, through the expected presence of radionuclide examination, can eliminate the test for natural radionuclides in samples, has a very strong anti-jamming ability, such as radium and cesium.

Operation method

Operating through man-machine interactive interface and Wizard, a user-defined window reminders guide step by step.

Operation is simple, there's no need to enter and calculate. Measurement process: automated energy calibration, acquisition and the end of the energy spectrum of the sample collection.


Probe: 3 * 3 inch NaI (TI)

Resolution: 7.5% standard (137Cs)

EDS: 25KeV-3MeV 1024

Energy stability: within 1%

Measuring range: 3-1000000Bq/L or Bq/kg

Temperature range: 0-45 c

External dimensions: 1075px*700px*1500px

Weight: (45kg

Recognition and quantitative radionuclide nuclide table





18F; 51Cr; 67Ga; 99Mo; 103Pd; 111In; 123I; 125I; 131I; 133Xe; 153Sm; 201Tl

18F; 51Cr; 67Ga; 111In; 123I; 131I; 153Sm; 201Tl


40K, 226Ra + daughters, 232Th + daughters.

40K, 226Ra + daughters, 232Th + daughters.


22Na; 57Co; 54Mn; 60Co; 75Se; 133Ba; 137Cs; 152Eu; 154Eu; 166Ho; 192Ir; 207Bi; 228Th (232U) , 241Am

22Na; 54Mn; 57Co; 60Co; 133Ba; 137Cs; 241Am


U, LEU; HEU; 233U; HBPu; MBPu; LBPu; 241Pu; 237Np

Nuclear accident

I131; I132; I133; Xs133; Cs134; Cs137

I131; Cs134; Cs137

Others (Id only)

Neutron, H (n-g) , High E; Ne?; 252Cf; Am-Li; 244Cm

Bremsstrahlung ( ie Beta) , Pb X rays; 511keV; Cs/ Am/ Pu?; Unknown

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