bobo happy children treasure suction cups leak-proof straw cup children child student school children drinking cup student cup baby

bobo happy children treasure suction cups leak-proof straw cup children child student school children drinking cup student cup baby

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product name: bobo / music children treasure BB306-400m ...
  • Origin: Chinese mainland
  • Function: suction cup
  • EAN Code: 4897027986570
  • Item No: BB306
  • Color Classification: 400ml green 400m orange pink 400ml 400ml 400ml blue pink yellow 400mlBB303R
  • Brand: bobo / music children treasure
  • Product Number: BB306-400ml
  • Whether Petiole: do not stalk
  • For ages: 12 months
  • Capacity: 400mL
  • Material: polypropylene (pp)

Slowly turn the season, baby Travelers need a cup!

This issue shall recommend a hot cup, after a long and old customers to test and achieved cost-effective glass factory orders after discount, variety of styles a variety of options, but also free shipping promotional price; this brand which is a really good price choice, really good! very practical, is also likely to rise anytime oh ...

Note: bobo cups containing silicone lid seal leak-proof pad, but also easy to dismantle and easy to clean design repeat, easy to fall off, maternal and child health baby to remind you, pay attention to check whether the leak-proof pad off when boiled or out decontamination, disinfection is completed when check, lack of leak-proof pad will be easy to leak Oh, and recommended to buy before more prepared and leak-proof straw mat, just in case.

When the bottom of the storage box can usually drink the cup, or you can hold small food, juice powder, snacks, etc., with a strap, easy to carry out, quality is very good, very ruggedness imported materials, impact resistance obtained many buyers praise the quality of a cheap cup = N, not counting cups of material safety Oh!


1 cup body strap in the bottom storage box.

2, storage boxes use a bigger effort to tighten a little, oh, do not loose Oh!

3, green and pink models and models of the official cover color pattern is slightly different, some color! Green and pink cup body shall have BOBO flag, blue, yellow cup body No, bottom of the cup were BOBO relief LOGO.

4, Q: Why are there plastic cups smell after opening?

A: Because the products before the factory can be opened all sealed package, just open the package when you may have a slight little plastic taste, the material itself is safe and nontoxic, after cleaning and disinfection after natural elimination will not affect use of mind do not shoot.

common problem

Q: How do I clean disinfectant Cup?

A: Open the lid, each part separately, you can use parts of the nozzle straw brush gently brush, then rinse with water, cleaned dry lid open to avoid odor. Do not use boiling water disinfection when glass or hot water, local heating of the cup are easily lead to uneven deformation, can not be boiled disinfection.

Q: What can microwave these cups do?

A: No, we do not recommend use the microwave because the liquid inside may be uneven heating or overheating, even outside feel relatively cool glass may also burn the baby's mouth.

Q: cups boiling water it can hold?

A: Under normal use the liquid is not ejected from the straw, but the change is a strong impact, while shaking the air pressure will cause the expansion of the air inside the cup and the pressure becomes higher, the front end of the straw may be discharged so please do not drink carbonated beverages into or more than 50 ℃ hot water to avoid burning your baby!

Q: Why cups water leakage?

answer: To avoid glass suction nozzle deflated or stop ventilation will increase the holes next to a straw, to keep the air flow so that suck more comfortable, but it can not guarantee hundred percent no leakage, but the cover is completely sealed straw watertight.

Q: Why are there plastic cups smell after opening?

A: BOBO plastic materials are imported, in order to ensure the safety of the material do any chemical or drug in addition to taste, and just opened there was a little odor, with warm rice water or lemonade soaked 3-4 hours, ventilated place to dry for some time to be a taste of the process, no additional security is not necessarily the taste, but rather by a chemical or drug to taste to taste but will likely produce harmful substances, BOBO cups have international test report !, absolute security, ease of use is to taste method: With warm rice water or lemonade soaked for several hours, open the lid placed ventilated place to dry, if there is still the smell is recommended to repeat the operation several times more!