Exquisite key chain pendant | Tourist camping | Keychain | Key ring | compass

Exquisite key chain pendant | Tourist camping | Keychain | Key ring | compass

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: ass monk essential travel keychain key ...
  • Brand: ass monk
  • Item: key ring
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 25
  • Time to market: Spring 2014
  • Purpose: to point navigation
  • Whether the water:
  • Carrying options: Handheld
  • Display: Analog

Packing: opp bags
Dimensions: Diameter: 3.5CM high 0.5CM long 7CM
Material: Acrylic + zinc alloy
Packing: 50
Product Description: The product is a transparent acrylic material, compass, sealing, flexible rotation pointer The product is mainly used in combination map.
Main purpose: This product is suitable for outdoor use supporting, but also as a gift, can also be used for teaching
Our introduction of the compass work fine, easy to carry with a map so you always know your location, not only for radio fox hunting, adventure, camping and other sports, but also for geology, mining, forestry, surveying, irrigation, building , tourism and other fields, is directional, coarse necessary tools. player baby, to travel partners, collection of boutique.
This series compass combined tourism, outdoor activities and features of everyday life, pay attention to the sensitivity of the design process, practical, decorative, publicity and other factors, while its high sensitivity, light weight, sophisticated appearance, decorative, easy to carry, etc. very suitable occasion travel, hiking, mountaineering, outdoor sports and other uses.
Although when With the development of science and technology, GPS applications and gradually spread, but the principle is to use a compass because the Earth's own magnetic field orientation, without any energy, in this harsh environment is very important. In the compass has not been having a case of simple and reliable magnetic interference advantages, is still the basic tools necessary military, marine, geology, exploration and other outdoor activities.
Outdoor sports enthusiasts essential equipment!