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Shanghai Guangzheng Yitou YP electronic balance, said milligram weight 100g200g500g1kg2kg / 0.01g

Shanghai Guangzheng Yitou YP electronic balance, said milligram weight 100g200g500g1kg2kg / 0.01g
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Ma Tou card
  • Series: electronic balance
  • Model: YP type
  • Color classification: 610 g / 0.01 g 1 kg / 0.01 g 2 kg / 0.01 g 100 g / 0.01 g 210 g / 0.01 g 300 g / 0.01 g 500 g / 0.01 g

common problem

1. Is the horse's balance genuine?

A: Our restaurant is not counterfeit products. Original packaging genuine,

2. Is this weight?

A: There are .0.01 grams of balance are equipped with calibration weights and windshield

3. quality warranty for several years?

A: The product within a month there are problems Baohuan, one year repair package.

Can I install a battery?

A: No. Use AC, horse head Another B type is the point where you can install the battery below the connection

Weighing pan for stainless steel

Size: stainless steel 125mm square
Volume: 23X19x7 cm
Powered by AC
220V ± 10%
50Hz ± 1Hz

Shanghai Guangzheng Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. (formerly Shanghai Medical Laser Instrument Factory) is a joint-stock enterprise established by restructuring and reorganizing the assets of Shanghai Medical Laser Instrument Factory, and its predecessor Shanghai Laser Instrument Factory is a long- Production, sales and after-sales service as one of the entities of enterprises. After the conversion of the company is strong in technology, well-equipped, more than 150 employees, including senior titles in more than 30 people. Post positions are certificates.
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Shanghai Guangzheng Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. production of Ma Tou licensing electronic balance, product specifications from 1mg to 10kg. Products using high stability strain sensor and the top of the A / D conversion chip to solve the current domestic and foreign resistance with strain sensor Creep, linear and other issues, with counting, self-calibration, fault display and other functions, the balance of accurate weighing, fast response to the stability, simple operation, easy to learn and use, widely used in industry, agriculture, business, schools, scientific research and other units Rapid measurement, counting. Ma head balance design is reasonable, beautiful appearance, quality and stability, adhere to the most preferential prices, the best performance, the most complete services, to win the trust of our customers

Ma Tau brand digital electronic balance is the use of high stability sensors and single-chip microcomputer composed of intelligent balance.It solves the current domestic and foreign resistance strain sensor with the peristaltic, linear and other issues.It has peeled, since the more memory , Count, fault display, etc. δ? The balance is accurate, fast and stable, simple operation, full-featured, can be used for industrial, commercial, school, scientific research and other units for rapid determination of the quality and quantity of objects.


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