Shanghai Light is the horse, said electronic balance YP milligram weight scale experiment 100g200g500g1kg2kg / 0.01g

Shanghai Light is the horse, said electronic balance YP milligram weight scale experiment 100g200g500g1kg2kg / 0.01g

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: horse brand
  • Series: Electronic balance
  • Model: YP type
  • Color Classification: 610g / 0.01g 1kg / 0.01g 2kg / 0.01g 100g / 0.01g 210g / 0.01g 300g / 0.01g 500g / 0.01g

common problem

1. Horsehead balance is not genuine?

A: We do not have the original packaging genuine counterfeit products.

2. The weight distribution has it?

A: There are .0.01 g calibration weights and scales are equipped with windshield

3. Quality Warranty years?

A: There are problems Baohuan products within a month, one year repair kits.

4. You can install batteries?

A: You can not use alternating current, the other a B-type horse can be installed below the battery connection point

Stainless steel pan

Said table size: 125mm stainless steel square
Volume: 23X19x7 cm
AC power supply
50Hz ± 1Hz

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Shanghai Medical Instrument Co positive light Horsehead brand electronic scale, product specifications from 1mg to 10kg. Products with high stability strain gauge sensors and top A / D converter chip, to solve the current domestic and brought with resistance strain sensor creep, linearity and other issues, with counting, self-calibration, fault display and other functions, this weighing scales accurate, rapid and stable response, simple operation, easy to use, widely used in industry, agriculture, commerce, schools, research institutions, fast measurement, counting scales horse design is reasonable, beautiful appearance, stable quality, adhere to the most preferential prices, the best performance, the most perfect service, to win the trust of our customers

Horsehead brand digital electronic scale is the high stability of the sensor and intelligent single-chip microcomputers balance which solves at home and abroad by resistance strain sensor brings motility, linear and other issues. It has peeled from the more memory counting, fault display δ? the weighing scales accurate, rapid and stable, simple, functional and can be used for industrial, commercial, schools and scientific research units for rapid determination of the quality and quantity of objects.


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