Interlock cotton knitted flame retardant

Interlock cotton knitted flame retardant

Product description:

1. flame retardant technology: cotton knitted fabric XinXingFR Environmental protection durable flame-retardant finishing methods, high temperature low temperature by padding → drying → baking → washing → drying → soft deodorant process processing , In the Conventional dyeing and finishing processing on the device, because fire retardant Covalent products with cotton not only has excellent flame retardant properties, and feel softer, more in line with the requirements of environmental protection.

2. international standards: XinXingFR Process for producing product of soft; Air and moisture permeability; Flame retardant Fire The effect of Resistance 50 times of washing , United States CFR1615 /1 6 1 and 6 EN11611 (EN470-1), EN11612 (EN531), EN14116 (EN533), standards; Formaldehyde content less than 20ppm; Compliance with environmental requirements; No unpleasant smell , Pass The International Textile Association OekoTEX100 environmental certification

3. use: suitable for fire-retardant overalls; Flame retardant sweater; Flame retardant shirts; Flame retardant underwear; Fire retardant pajamas And Interior Accessories Fire retardant textile materials Wait .

Nova was founded in 2003, after more than 10 years of continuous efforts, has developed into a protective fabric research and development, production, sales, import and export business of joint-stock companies, with the fabric pre-treatment, dyeing, finishing, testing and packaging, shipping, such as supporting a full range of advanced production equipment and large-scale production capacity. Main products has full cotton, cotton Kam, CVC flame retardant fabric, anti-acid alkali fabric, anti-oil water repellent fabric, anti-electrostatic fabric, anti-purple outside fabric, antibacterial fabric, anti-insect fabric, PTFE posted film fabric, multifunctional fabric, six big series more than 100 multiple specifications varieties, widely application Yu oil chemical, smelting, fire, welding overalls, uniform, medical with overalls, labor protection clothing,. Mainly sold in the domestic market in the eastern region, while exports to the United Kingdom, Belgium, Canada, Russia, Korea and other countries and regions.

Nova protective fabric fire retardant performance of EN ISO 11611 and EN ISO 11612, EN14116, BS 5852, GB 8965, ASTM6413 standard, anti-static properties of EN1149-1, EN1149-3, GB12014 and other standards, oil resistant and waterproof performance is AATCC118, AATCC130, AATCC22 and other standards, anti-acid performance is EN368, EN12012 standards. Nova protective flame retardant fabrics have passed Oeko-OEKO-TEX • r associations new standard certification, obtained the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificates through France international inspection agency specializing in quality and environmental management system certification, and other industry-standard certification, an international certification body, certificate of approval for BV, also through the Customs-Business Coalition against terrorism c-TPAT Certification.