Retardant cotton satin

Retardant cotton satin

Product description:

Cotton retardant line card Accord GB8965.1--2009, EN11611 (EN470-1 ), EN11612 (EN531), EN1 4 1 16 (EN533 ) , NFPA2112, JISL1091. BS5852 standard. Antistatic properties can be achieved GB12014-89, EN1149-1, EN1149-3 and other standards. all Cotton retardant line Card Features: In case of non-combustible fire; from the fire self-extinguishing; no melting drops , I developed a flame retardant cotton twill; cotton cloth dyeing is based on; the use of high-quality fabrics by XinXingFR or CP Fire-retardant treatment process, its performance fully meet domestic. Foreign retardant fabric requirements, washing 50 After the second flame retardant does not drop, cotton flame line Card formaldehyde content can be processed according to customer requirements The minimum content 50PPM.

specification :

Name: cotton flame Satin

specification: 16*16/2

density: 101*50

Width: 5 7' /58

Weight: 350 g/ ㎡

Color: according to color swatch

Flammability standards: GB / T411-2008, GB8965.1-2009, EN ISO11611 (EN470-1), EN ISO11612 (EN531), EN ISO1 4116 ( EN533 ), BS5852, NFPA2112 smoldering time: ≤2S continued burning time: ≤2S carbon length: ≤100mm

Features: In case of non-combustible fire; from the fire self-extinguishing; no financial transaction drops: according to the guests needs weaving, spinning, dyeing, deposit paid ≥30%, when the balance paid delivery.

Application: widely used in fire, clothing, oil, electricity, natural gas, metallurgy, machinery, mining, chemical, coal, aviation, shipping, automobile and other industries can also be used in interior decoration and commercial life, such as hotels, restaurants, karaoke bars theaters. The decorative cloth and so on.