Qiqihar hoist special canal | channel dedicated iron gate

Qiqihar hoist special canal | channel dedicated iron gate

Product description:

Production hoist and the gate reasonable structure, reliable performance, range, and can be widely used in water conservancy and hydropower projects, river training works, all kinds of drainage and urban sewage treatment project 's main products are :. QL type, QLC type, QLP type screw hoist, QPQ, QPK, QPH, QPT type hoist winch, steel gates, steel gates, iron gate, fence gate dirt, rubber sealing products. and provide our customers design and manufacture all kinds of special hydraulic machinery products.
In my company, for more than twenty years old and new customers to support the company's development of the principle of responsibility; adhering to the 'good faith; and moral world; innovation; contribute to the community ' business philosophy; to play talent and technology advantages; dedicated hydraulic products of manufacturing R & D; Ye- service to users; willing to establish a sincere and friendly relations of cooperation with all the friends; for the water conservancy and hydropower industry to make greater contributions

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