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Harbin side roll hoist

Harbin side roll hoist
  • Harbin side roll hoist
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Side roll hoist is manually hoist products, it is a human-operated plane gate opening and closing mechanical products, and provided with a self-locking function, the gate can be stopped at any position, equipped with anti-theft mouth and special tools, it has an anti-theft function, separate head and base can be supplied. This hoist is free hand unloading, 15kgf hand pressure, and its performance is reliable, ideal for medium and small tonnage gate opening and closing device. Our leading products are: QL-0.3T-200T single lifting point, double hook screw hoist. With a hand push-lock, closed hand-screw and dual-use the flashlight opening and closing machines. QPQ, QPK5T-200T fixed, mobile, single and double lifting winch hoist; Hoist can be equipped with remote control the height display based on customer requests.

Gate PZ; PGZ-cast iron gate; Cast iron framed copper gate; Stainless steel gate; Flapper Gate; Knocking at the door (penstock), Weir-gate, steel structural gate (radial gate plane sliding gate; flat fixed gate), specifications: 0.2*0.2-10*10 m, including bi-directional sealing gate, the reverse water stop gate, gate in deep water, high pressure sealed gate and rubber seal. The products have been sold to more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions in China. Widely used in irrigation, hydropower station, River, aquaculture, reservoirs, sewage disposal and other water conservancy projects. The factory can provide you with quality products, full service.

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