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Yanbian hoist sales

Yanbian hoist sales
  • Yanbian hoist sales
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Leading products : (1) LQ -type screw hoist series of hand push : 0.5T-2T side rocking : 0.5T-3T Hand formula : 3T-20T flashlight dual formula : 3T-100T ( single hanging point, twin lifting point ) (2) QPQ; QPK; QPG; QH type hoist winch series; and a single lifting point; twin-lift and equipped with electric drive mobile; plus hand set according to user requirements; product tonnage : 5T-160T can be used with flat, supporting the use of radial gate (3 ) gate series: there are steel gates and iron gate steel gate in two models with high quality steel as the base material, the use of rubber seal ( for gate surface. sandblasting, spraying anti-corrosion metal coating ) product drawings based on user requirements iron gate :. plane iron gate, curved iron gate, high-pressure cast iron gate, shoot the door, tide gate copper inlay can use the user's needs, stainless steel, etc. sealing phone :. 0318-883126713754581821www 0318qbj.com