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Harbin flashlight dual mechanical | Hand screw hoist manual gate

Harbin flashlight dual mechanical | Hand screw hoist manual gate
  • Harbin flashlight dual mechanical | Hand screw hoist manual gate
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Manual hoist debugging methods and precautions
Manual hoist load in the absence of circumstances, we must ensure that the three-phase current unbalance does not exceed plus or minus 10%, and the measured value for the upper and lower limit of the current regulation: When the gate is in the fully closed state, the upper limit pressing the trip switch and fixed to the screw screw hoist When the shutter is fully open, the disc will be pressed at the lower limit and the limit switch is fixed to the screw. For the main hoist controller make adjustments, you must to ensure lift gate on the lower bit error does not exceed 25px. After installation, be sure to make the test run, one for no load test, which allows the screw to make two stroke, listen to any abnormal sound, detect the installation meets the technical requirements .

About manually screw hoist installation method
When installing a manual screw hoist must maintain a base level of basic layout plane 180º; hoist the base and foundation arranged plane contact area to reach more than 90%; screw axis perpendicular to the gate to the platform to measure the level; to the gate plate lug holes and vertical text, avoiding screw tilt, causing local stress and mechanical damage. The manual screw hoist mounting position. put a limit set on the plate screw the screw from the lower beam onto the machine , after the screw from the top of the machine is exposed, and then put the stopper plate. bottom screw connection with the shutter for the installed base must be firm and safe hoist. base and concrete foundation member, according to the provisions drawings pouring in When not meet the design strength of concrete strength, are not allowed to dismantle the temporary support hoist and change, but can not reconcile the trial commissioning in the installation according to the center line of the gate lifting, aligning center vertical and horizontal centerline so that the deviation is not more than plus or minus 3mm, elevation deviation does not exceed plus or minus 5mm. and then pouring concrete or connected with two embedded steel for the installation of electrical equipment products, must comply with the drawings and specification, all the electrical equipment are reliable grounding in the product installation To clean up the machine, Repairing damaged protective paint, grease perfusion

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