Hakusan QPQ type twin-lift hoist winch

Hakusan QPQ type twin-lift hoist winch

Product description:

Hoist winch mainly consists of motor, coupling, drive shaft, brake oil cross, reducer, open gears, reel, pulley system, electrical control boxes and racks, compact structure with a large carrying capacity, emergency open and close rapidly, etc. case .

The products are divided into fixed, mobile, and a single lifting point and double hanging point for users to choose .

Its specifications are mainly type : QPQ -general hoist winch, QPK type fast hoist winch, QPG type high lift hoist winch, QHQ type arc gate winch hoist, QPT mobile winch hoist according to user needs can be provided plus hand devices. These products hoist tonnage 6-125T, with flat, supporting the use of radial gate .
Suitable for large, medium and small reservoirs, rivers and water conservancy and hydropower engineering projects.

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