Things smart home, IOT sensing smart home, smart home to join the wireless smart home investment

Things smart home, IOT sensing smart home, smart home to join the wireless smart home investment

Product description:

Nanjing IOT sensing smart home networking to join, ZigBee smart home Affiliate

Marketing Director: Tang Qin strong source: Nanjing IOT Sensor Technology Co., Ltd.

Things smart home development prospects:

First, within a decade of international research institutes forecast forrester Things will become a trillion industry 30 times greater than the Internet.

Secondly, things are classified as one of the seven strategic emerging industries second Five-Year Plan, China's economy is leading the main force turned gorgeous, during the second five things industry will reach 600 billion, while the smart home will be things The most important part!

Again, Premier Wen Jiabao put forward in 2009 'perception of China', Obama Makai Qi a 'Smarter Planet' door, it is clear, whether domestic or overseas Things smart home market has been opened.

Second, smart home technology

1. wired

Wired very prominent drawback, wiring complicated, heavy workload, the high cost and difficult to maintain, easy networking. These shortcomings eventually led to the smart home wired only at the concept and pilot phase, can not be large-scale promotion. Does not meet the future smart home concept and direction.

2. The current wireless mode

Wireless system for smart home needs to meet several characteristics: low power consumption, stable, easy to expand and network; as the transmission speed is clearly not the focus of these applications can be used for several kinds of wireless smart home:

Bluetooth: This technology communication distance is too short, belong to peer communication, the requirements for the smart home is simply not applicable followed by Bluetooth is a wireless technology used by the US military designated unsafe.

WIFI: Although the distance, but the power consumption, high frequency, radiation large, poor security and a few dozen yuan ordinary card king (rub card), you can decipher its password, and access to, very safe.

315M / 433M / 868M / 915M: manufacturers have incorporated smart home system, but because of its anti-jamming capability is weak, since the network is poor, small-scale, easy to paralysis, poor security and reliability, no state feedback, easy to string nets for small scale security less demanding applications in the smart home application results unsatisfactory, has long been abandoned by the use of smart home market.

ZigBee: present, whether overseas or domestic, general 2.4GZigBee wireless technology, has been recognized as the most suitable wireless technology ZigBee smart home smart home is not only in line with the low power, low cost, low radiation, but also easy to set. net, over the horizon, strong security, anti-interference ability. no wiring, easy to install, easy to maintain, simple construction, two-way communication with the state feedback from the next big market, high profits. ZigBee is a wireless smart home technology Excellent choice, compared to traditional wireless smart home smart home never would be so cheap too;

1, all wireless communications (wireless installation, radio control): from construction impacts, no wiring can always buy used, there is no time limitation sales support mobile phones, computers, a variety of control panel control, anytime, anywhere remote intelligent home life. accompany you around.

2, low power consumption: ZigBee + strategy saving technology, can do 2--3 years to replace a battery, true low power consumption, it is suitable for all-wireless.

3, two-way communication: real-time status feedback, so you will be able to look at the interface at a glance, to grasp the situation at home.

4, large-scale popular: honeycomb-type network structure, more extensive use of better performance and stability, suitable for large-area distribution network, to solve the chronic problem of the popularization of smart home network interference problems.

5, a powerful networking capabilities: greater expansion space, in theory, you can add 60,005 more than a thousand nodes, we tested linked to two thousand five hundred only 1.2 seconds delay.

6, free networking: customers can always add, upgrade, change the sensing device user interface and application mode, independent DIY without professional guidance, convenient, simple and practical (in the European market is now on the supermarket let customers customize purchase. ).

7. Security: stronger 128-bit encryption technology, is currently the world yet to break precedent.

8, standardization: We are currently the only one of all the products meet the agreement ZigBeeHA enterprise, unified industry standards, technical compatibility, global sharing all the world can meet this standard products to achieve seamless connectivity, interoperability strong. compatibility, will lead the development of the industry, experts predict within the next five years, ZigBee will replace the current domestic popularity of 315M, 433M communication standard, becoming the United States of America, after the United Kingdom and a government designated the final 100 meters only of ZigBee.

9, independent research and development, independent production, with a sound intellectual property rights, market discipline, as a partner to achieve long-term stability of the benefit to provide a reliable guarantee.

10, strong research and development team to ensure that no less than 4 new models every month on the market, the company's products by the end of 2013 is expected to reach 100 kinds of 300 models.

The decision to choose a good wireless technology smart home market

ZigBeeHA agreement has been under international ZigBee Alliance members for the smart home wireless protocol must be used to study the Division I ZigBee technology has up to 7 years, our company has developed the technology thoroughly and products already on the market, Product stability is also a lesson sun and the moon, as well as our strong R & D team, but also to protect the ZigBee core technology; currently only Division I can do ZigBeeHA protocol smart home products, our rich product chain, and improve Smart home systems, smart home industry in the country has a clear superior position, select the smart home, be sure to choose ZigBeeHA technology smart home products; the development of intelligent home networking in overseas markets, especially in European markets, already popular to the popular point, China also began in the world, for home automation, is just around the corner; another Division I is not only a senior member of the International Alliance ZigBee, so only a handful of member countries, but also international zigbee alliance headquarters in China, we can see our the strength of the strong.

company background:

Nanjing IOT Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary far Extension Technology Holdings (Yuantuo principally engaged in financial security business in the banking sector has its own prominent position, Yuantuo far above the company also did not say a)

Development History: 2007 group leader in study abroad keen to capture the future development of things will lead times, after returning to R & D personnel deployed decisive research team conducted six months of options broad prospects for future ZigBee Certified considered decisive set. Under the direction of technology development in Nanjing IOT future. consequent victory also joined the ZigBee Alliance, ZigBee has become one of the few members of the few. With the deepening of technical studies in 2009 formally incorporated Nanjing IOT Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on research and development of ZigBee wireless smart home, so far the company has achieved 17 patents, more than 40 key seize registered trademarks with the years and the world's top 500 companies Cooperation and exchanges (Philips, Schneider, Intel, google, Samsung, Huawei and many other companies ZigBee products supplier in China has replaced many large companies to become the largest buyers ZigBee chips) has developed a complete set of smart home system-wide product integration, so the company in September 2011 started the domestic market operation plan so far was a great concern of the industry, has developed more than 100 dealers and more than franchisees, in order to meet 2012 arrival of companies, especially in malls hundred stores planned program, and gratifying results.

Joining requirements:

(1) legal and natural persons or other organizations with legal qualifications;
(2) has a business background and business experience;
(3) be familiar with the local market conditions and consumer demand;
(4) has certain economic, investment strength;
(5) has a good business reputation and character;
(6) has a good social relations and strong interpersonal communication, financial management capacity;
(7) has focused on the smart home industry pioneering spirit and toughness;
(8) The recognition of the company philosophy, subject to headquarters management, with market operation headquarters.
The company signed a contract essential information: (1) Affiliate business license (2) The person in charge of identity cards (3) joining the costs of payment instruments (4) The application form to join

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