Bluetooth speaker NFC antennas (Bluetooth speaker built-in antenna)

Bluetooth speaker NFC antennas (Bluetooth speaker built-in antenna)

Product description:

NFC technology is widely used, from basic functions such as data transmission to the mobile payment NFC technology is currently at the development stage;. Its areas covered are urban; the large urban areas, etc;; transport; logistics; security; household may involve future the scope of application of NFC technology will not predict.

Bluetooth (bluetooth) is a radio technology that supports short-range communication devices, Bluetooth configuration is simple. Bluetooth technology, can effectively achieve the mobile proximity non-contact communication between the communication terminal device, the current Bluetooth technology has been widely used ever but Bluetooth shortcomings, such as a Bluetooth pairing connection time 6 seconds, pairing need to set passwords, the most important feature of the information age is more convenient rapid dissemination of information, the problem lag Bluetooth use in real life.

NFC-based technology, our company developed a variety of applications such as Bluetooth for the project, we have developed a Bluetooth module -NFC rapid pairing, after NFC-enabled mobile phones and devices equipped with Bluetooth NFC module close contact to complete the pairing intermediate Province open the Bluetooth device off, look for Bluetooth devices and set passcode. simplifies the process of operating the Bluetooth pairing.

NFC Technology Environment

Operating Frequency: 13.56Mhz

Materials Structure: metal conductor copper polyimide + + + BT resin insulation board insulation board + base + copper + polyimide metal guide

Function chip models:, NXP series chip

Device: RF Impedance Analyzer / Network Analyzer Spectrum Analyzer / Tensile Testing Machine

Reference standards: EMV / PBOC; ISO14443 TYPE A / B; JIS C2561 / ASTM A342 / A 342M; IPC-TM650; QJ / Z 76 / IPC-2223A

Saga Electronic earlier than 2008 NFC Forum has been established since research NFC technology already started to pay attention, and now, we based on NFC technology, invented a variety of technology products research applications such as NFC Fast pairing Bluetooth module, NFC wireless charging merge module, NFC rapid identification module. our professional equipment and research and development team to ensure product consistency and stability.

We can offer free services antenna electronic circuit design, anti-jamming material evaluation, antenna performance standardization development, EMV / NFC protocol certification evaluation, EMV / NFC antenna RF certification evaluation, environmental evaluation analysis terminal, terminal EMV / NFC Certification etc. we have a mature operating process model, according to customer specific requirements for deployment of customer solutions.