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NFC antenna

NFC antenna
  • NFC antenna
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Minimum order: 1000
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Frequency range: 13.56 (MHz) Output Impedance: 1 (Ω) Maximum power: 0.1 (W)
Gain: -80dbOperating voltage: 4.2 (V) Type: Built
Weight: 0.002 (kg) Model: SZNFC405Connector: solder
Brand: Sunshine-GoodLength: 30 * 30 (mm) VSWR ≤: -80 (dB)

NFC mobile phone antenna Usually by the winding / print / etch circuit coil production process and anti-jamming capability of ferrite material.

NFC Near Field Communication is the acronym that is short-range wireless communications technology. Is a contactless identification and interconnection technologies that can be short-range wireless communication between mobile devices, consumer electronics, PC and intelligent control tools. NFC provides a simple, touch-based solution that allows consumers to exchange information simple and intuitive way to access content and services. NFC from the NFC module and NFC antenna. NFC module generally consists of a high-speed single-chip, RF chip matching circuit.

Our company specializes in various types of NFC antenna products, fast samples, rapid mass production.

The main parameters:

Nokia 603 mobile phone NFC antenna
Status: Assembly of finished
Operating frequency: 13.56MHZ
Materials Structure: double-sided adhesive film + cover black + low loss (copper line + glue + + high-frequency dielectric polyimide substrate glue copper lines +) + low loss absorbing material black mulch film +
Smart card chip models: NXP44503
Field environment: 1.94 ~ 2.44A / M (sensing range 3 ~ 5cm)
Device: RF Impedance Analyzer / Network Analyzer Spectrum Analyzer / Tensile Testing Machine
Reference standards: EMV / PBOC; ISO14443 TYPE A / B; JIS C2561 / ASTM A342 / A 342M; IPC-TM650; QJ / Z 76 / IPC-2223A
Application Environment: China UnionPay
End position: Mobile terminals

Product electrical performance
Resonant frequency: 14.07Mhz ± 0.2 Mhz (finished)
Quality Factor: 16U
Capacitance: 26.03pf
A sense of value: 18.49uH
Characteristic impedance: 81Ω
DC Resistance: 1.0Ω
Field strength: 0.8A / m
Gain: 17dB

Physical properties of products
Resistant tin-fluxing: 288 ℃; 10S; not hierarchical; non-foaming
Adhesion: 3M600 plastic type; 45-degree angle pull 5min; characters without shedding non-hierarchical qualified
Pull force: ≧ 30N
Peel strength: ≥0.8kg / cm
Hot Melt flow: 0.1 ~ 0.15
Aging: (72H, 70 ℃)

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