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Wireless induction charger antenna

Wireless induction charger antenna
  • Wireless induction charger antenna
Product code: 19573400001
Unit price: 32-45 USD
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order: 5000
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Frequency Range: 13.56 (MHz) Output Impedance: (1 (Ω)
Maximum power: 5 (W) Gain: 10db
Operating Voltage: 5 (V) Types of: Internal
weight: 0.002 (kg) model: SG-QI-A01
Connector: welding Brand: Saga
length: 32 * 62.1 (mm)

Product electrical performance

Current: 1A

Sense of values: 8uh


Product physical performance

Resistant tin-fluxing: 2 88 ℃; 10S; not hierarchical; no foaming

Adhesion: 3M600 adhesive type; 45-degree angle pull 5min; characters no shedding no stratification qualified

Hot Melt fluidity: 0.1~0.15

Aging: (72H, 70℃)

Wireless charging technology is completely without the aid of wires, using magnets to charge the device technology. Wireless charging technology, from wireless power transmission technology, the use of magnetic resonance in the air between the charger and charge transport equipment, coils and capacitors in the charge the formation of resonance between the device and the device, to achieve energy efficient transmission technology.

The most amazing of travel for frequent users of mobile devices, the future may also be in the wireless Internet at the same time, through a wireless network for your mobile device for charging.

The technology has been a number of manufacturers of all ages, because in his unique electromagnetic wave receiving device, according to different load, the electric field strength to make adjustments, while maintaining a stable DC voltage, which is also shown in the air electromagnetic scattering power , it can be reduced to a minimum.

NFC antenna based RFID radio frequency identification technology, the use of common coupling transformer matching make communication hardware processing program, and through the communications processor instruction completion check data transfer process through RFID modulation processing hardware and software environment, and through the matching circuit adjustments designed to success. optimum results NFC antenna must consider the effectiveness and stability of polymer materials and anti-jamming material key performance indicators, as well as the stability of the manufacturing process is the key to consistent product performance, improve targeted Reviews and testing equipment is the product quality protection.[1]

NFC antenna generally consists of winding / printing / etching fabrication of circuit and anti-jamming capability coil ferrite material.

NFC is Near Field Communication acronym for short-range wireless communications technology is a contactless identification and interconnection technologies that can be short-range wireless communication between mobile devices, consumer electronics, PC and intelligent control tools. NFC provides A simple, touch-based solution that allows consumers to exchange information simple and intuitive way to access content and services. NFC by the NFC module and NFC antenna. NFC module generally consists of a high-speed single-chip, RF chip matching circuit.

Our company specializes in various kinds of NFC antenna products, fast sample delivery, rapid mass production.

NOKIA NFC antenna

NFC antenna flat products

A domestic mobile phone NFC antenna

Samsung earlier NFC antenna

Samsung Note2 NFC antenna

Samsung Galaxy s3 NFC antenna (Reader success rate of 100%)

Division I undertake to NFC antenna customized development services)

New market cycles are very short, product development and production time is very tight, Division I professional R & D team and manufacturing plant, to quickly complete the latest market NFC antenna terminal debugging and production, we can guarantee to get the prototype 48 provide samples for customers within hours of testing, can provide high-volume production in three days.

Case: Samsung Note2 day after listing in Hong Kong, our company has Note2 antenna samples available to customers within three days of delivery 30000 pcs. Parameters for reading distance and other products can provide solutions for a variety of options based on product prices, customer demand, convenience Customer Self positioning for product quality. Customer satisfaction is our highest pursuit!

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