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NFC antenna

NFC antenna
  • NFC antenna
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Frequency Range: 13.56 (MHz) Output Impedance: 1 (Ω)
Maximum power: 0.1 (W) Gain: -80db
Operating Voltage: 4.2 (V) Types of: Internal
weight: 0.002 (kg) model: SG-ANTH-NFC001
Connector: Joints Brand: SG-SOAR
length: 30 * 30 (mm) VSWR ≤: -80 (DB)

Priced at 11 yuan high-end materials for professional customers, product performance requirements of high customer. As the products have other requests, please contact our customers, we understand your needs, send samples to you and give final offer.

Shenzhen is good electronic products according to the customer performance Requirements customized antenna, also the lowest price to meet customer demand, the terminal customizable features Division I have the strength to achieve. Saga Electronics NFC antenna long-term supply, low prices, industry custom 'If you have to buy our NFC antenna needs , please call (0755-227946651) or click on the message, QQ professional contact with our company.

NFC is Near Field Communication acronym for short-range wireless communications technology. NFC is a contactless identification and interconnection technologies that can be short-range wireless communication between mobile devices. Consumer electronics, PC and intelligent control tools. NFC chip It is having a communication function with each other, and have computing power.

A near-field coupling antenna, since 13.56Mhz wavelength is very long and very short reading distance, suitable coupling is magnetic coupling, the coil is suitable coupling. Because the mobile phone or the like consumer products have a high appearance requirements , so that the antenna generally require built-in. But after an internal antenna, the antenna must be close to the motherboard or battery (both containing a metal conductor component). consequence of this design is that the antenna will generate eddy currents in the conductive surface to weaken the magnetic field of the antenna. Therefore, the industry phone usually magnetic film (truthfully good electronics company).

We will continue to develop NFC antenna customized services to meet customer requirements of product performance and price, the minimum price of a custom global NFC antenna, to the world's best performance of the NFC antenna.

Case : Samsung Note2 day after listing in Hong Kong, our company has Note2 antenna samples available to customers within three days of delivery 30000 pcs Parameters for reading distance and other products can provide solutions for a variety of options based on product prices, customer demand. to facilitate customer self-positioning of the product quality. Customer satisfaction is our highest pursuit!

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