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RFID card | RFID
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Frequency range: 13.56 (MHz) Output Impedance: 1 (Ω) Maximum power: 0.1 (W)
Gain: 16 Operating voltage: 4.2 (V) Weight: 0.002 (kg)
Model: SGY-0012 Connector: joints Brand: Saga Electronics
Length: 50 (mm) VSWR ≤: 14 (dB)

Shenzhen is good Electronics Co., Ltd. in 2005 engaged in the field of RF antenna; company efforts to promote mobile payment industry's progress;-ranging research and development mainly: NFC mobile phone antenna, 13.56MHZ / 900MHZ / 2.4GHZ electronic tag antenna, in line with EMV certification Reader / POS machine non-contact inductive antenna, NFC antenna technology solutions and a variety of customized NFC antenna;. applied to RFID-related products in the NFC antenna terminal a non-contact, short-range wireless communications technology.

Application description:

NFC devices can be used as a contactless smart card, smart card reader and terminal equipment for data transmission device link its wide application NFC applications can be divided into five basic types:

1, with the NFC tag to replace the existing card users feel friendly and easy to carry. NFC label on the customer's mobile phone, complete all the non-contact card to achieve the function can achieve large end customer identification, bonus points, Feature Customer special services. KILE products in Europe and the United States has a relatively large application success stories.

2, in commercial publicity, promotion-specific information written on posters with NFC tags, customers use mobile phones with NFC readers, and close to the label, and instantly complete a series of set functions.

3, in the mobile payments, prepaid consumption, consumption and other systems integration. NFC tags can achieve high security commercial consumption and payment transactions with user password security authentication and other operations

4, mutual NFC device data connection and data transmission, such as data file transfer, identification, exchange, data synchronization processing, data between devices, various functions operate between the device and the background.

5, other types of NFC applications, NFC is a new open system, through radio frequency technology, wireless communications technology, and the latest information network technology products will be fully integrated in the next 2 - 5 years, to the people the lives of great change, now has a variety of consumer management systems, customer management systems, business promotion systems, logistics management systems, asset management systems, and other systems, through NFC functionality and depth of the system to achieve a new innovation and upgrading.

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