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SDPASS mobile payment antenna

SDPASS mobile payment antenna
  • SDPASS mobile payment antenna
Product code: 19573100001
Unit price: 7.2-7.5 USD
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order: 2000
Other info:
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Frequency Range: 13.56 (MHz) Output Impedance: 1 (Ω)
Maximum power: 1 (W) Gain: -80db
Operating Voltage: 4.2 (V) Types of: Internal
weight: 0.002 (kg) model: SGSDPASS-387
Connector: JointsBrand: Sunshine-Good
length: 30-30 (mm) VSWR ≤: -80 (DB)

SDPASS antenna Product parameters:
Product Code: 102720-387
Status: Assembly of finished
Operating frequency: 13.56MHZ
Materials Structure: double-sided adhesive film + cover black + low loss (copper line + glue + + high-frequency dielectric polyimide substrate glue copper lines +) + low loss absorbing material black mulch film +
Smart card chip models: Infineon, NXP and other optional
Field environment: 1.94 ~ 2.44A / M (sensing distance 3 ~ 4cm)
Test Equipment: RF Impedance Analyzer / Network Analyzer Spectrum Analyzer / Tensile Testing Machine
Reference standards: EMV / PBOC; ISO14443 TYPE A / B; JIS C2561 / ASTM A342 / A 342M; IPC-TM650; QJ / Z 76 / IPC-2223A
Application Environment: UnionPay bank
End position: Mobile terminals, bent to the back of the battery

New market cycles are very short; product development and production time is very tight; Division I professional R & D team and manufacturing plant; able to quickly complete the latest market terminal Mobile payment antenna Debugging and mass production, we can guarantee to get the prototype within 48 hours to provide samples for customer testing, we can provide high-volume production in three days.

Product electrical performance
Resonant frequency: 21.39Mhz ± 0.2 Mhz
Quality Factor: 12.0262.0u
Capacitance: -61.79pf
A sense of value: 2.23012nh
Impedance: 50Ω ± 10%
DC resistance: 1.3073Ω

Physical properties of products
Resistant tin-fluxing: 288 ℃; 10S; not hierarchical; non-foaming qualified
Adhesion: 3M600 plastic type; 45-degree angle pull 5min; no shedding non-hierarchical character Pass Pass
Pull force: ≧ 30N
Flip pulling force: ≧ 20N
360 degree bend connector handle (100N pressure): ≧ 30 times
Peel strength: ≥0.8kg / cm
Hot Melt flow: 0.1 ~ 0.15
Aging: (72H, 70 ℃)

Case : Samsung Note2 day after listing in Hong Kong, our company has Note2 antenna samples available to customers within three days of delivery 30000 pcs for reading distance and other parameters can provide product solutions for a variety of options based on product prices, customer demand. to facilitate customer self-positioning of the product quality. customer satisfaction is our highest pursuit!

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