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SIM card mount antenna (SGY-295P2I15137AO)

SIM card mount antenna (SGY-295P2I15137AO)
  • SIM card mount antenna (SGY-295P2I15137AO)
Product code: 19573000001
Unit price: 7.5-8 USD
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order: 1000
Other info:
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Frequency range: 14.32 (MHz) Output Impedance: 1 (Ω) Maximum power: 0.1 (W)
Gain: 17 Operating voltage: 4.2 (V) Type: Built
Weight: 0002 (kg) Model: SGY-295P2I15137AO Connector Type: Solder
Brand: Saga Electronics Length: 50 * 30 (mm) VSWR ≤: 16 (dB)

Shenzhen is good Electronics Co., Ltd. in 2005 engaged in the field of RF antenna; company efforts to promote mobile payment industry's progress;-ranging research and development mainly: NFC mobile phone antenna, 13.56MHZ / 900MHZ / 2.4GHZ electronic tag antenna, in line with EMV certification Reader / POS machine non-contact inductive antenna, NFC antenna technology solutions and a variety of customized NFC antenna;. applied to RFID-related products in the NFC antenna terminal a non-contact, short-range wireless communications technology products; NFC Antenna Design: adjusted by trimming coil winding inductors, coils parasitic capacitance, a parallel plate capacitor form a standard oscillator circuit; selecting the battery can effectively shield the interference signal, and can effectively reduce the resonant frequency of the antenna mutual absorbers .NFC antenna system testing : RFID lab configuration of RF impedance / material analyzer to measure the frequency range; impedance parameters; scanning the frequency, amplitude ac signal signal to ensure product performance and reliability.

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Case: Samsung Note2 listed in Hong Kong after day, our company has Note2 antenna samples available to customers within three days of delivery 30000 pcs can offer solutions to a wide selection of products for reading distance and other parameters based on product prices, customer demand. to facilitate customer self-positioning of the product quality. Customer satisfaction is our highest pursuit!

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