Wheat oligopeptide

Wheat oligopeptide

Product description:

Wheat peptide Profile

First, the technical description

This product is from natural food - protein extracted from wheat flour protein, digestion and then through orientation specific small peptide separation technology small molecule peptide substance obtained.

Parts and standard products group:

Product ingredients: wheat peptide

Product features: gray, with a special taste polypeptide

Applications: Immune; fatigue; lower blood pressure; medical viscous liquid food, etc.

Product Standards:

Molecular Weight: 200-1000D () 85%)

Product Character:

1, organoleptic properties:

Off-white powder, no lumps, no impurities, no bad smell, soluble in water, after fully dissolved without visible impurities and precipitation.

2, physical and chemical indicators:

Item Index

Moisture% ≤8

TN% ≥13

Arsenic (As), mg / kg ≤0.5

Lead (Pb), mg / kg ≤1.0

3, hygiene index

Item Index

Total number of colonies cfu / g ≤10000

Escherichia coli MPN / 100g ≤30

Pathogens may not be detected

Fungal cfu / g ≤50

Yeast cfu / g ≤50

4 toxicity: This product is non-toxic substances, does not contain any preservatives.

Content detection

1, TN detection: the method according to GB5009

2, molecular weight analysis: People's Republic of China Pharmacopoeia 2000.

Packaging and storage

1, the use of non-toxic polyethylene plastic bags inside, external carton transport packaging.

2, the product should be stored in a dry, cool place, the ground set 250px high moisture barrier cushion, not with corrosive, toxic and hazardous substances stored together, should pay attention to rain, moisture, insects and rodents.

3, in the above packaging, storage conditions are met, since the date of production of its storage for 12 months.


This product is a peptide material, can easily absorb moisture, once try to run out after opening the package, if you can not run out of pocket should be fastened in order to avoid moisture absorption, if found to have moisture absorption phenomenon, but the product has not changed color, no mildew smell, use as soon as possible.

Applications wheat peptides

1, the processing of raw wheat peptide series of health food wheat peptides rich in glutamine and glutamic acid and other nutrients, it allows the body's immune cell proliferation, preventing the immune function, but also anti-fatigue.
2, wheat peptides soluble in water, can be used to make children and the elderly and oral nutrition food series of health food products.
3, the use of wheat peptides containing glutamine into medical viscous liquid food, metabolic substrates for small intestinal mucosa. That wheat peptide and a water-soluble pectin, insoluble cellulose ratio, then with rapeseed oil, soybean oil with a lipid, as a medical liquid diet is very effective to prevent intestinal mucosal villous atrophy, intestinal bacteria transferred to the outer intestine, causing diarrhea, constipation, etc., for such patients can not eat.