Liver hangover corn peptide powder

Liver hangover corn peptide powder

Product description:

Corn polypeptide Profile

First, the technical description

This product is from natural food - corn protein extracted, and then after digestion and orientation specific small peptide separation technology small molecule peptide substance obtained.

Second, product characteristics

1, the nutrient-rich: contains various amino acids the human body must provide amino acids and peptides can nutrition.

2, lower blood pressure: corn peptides inhibit the action of angiotensin converting enzyme, thereby reducing blood pressure.

3, hangover effects: inhibition of alcoholism.

4. Other effects: This product contains in addition to lowering blood pressure, small peptides, other small peptide has anti-fatigue, liver protection, improve immunity and other functions.

5, easy to absorb: better absorption of amino acids or protein.

6. Solubility: PH in a wide range is completely water soluble without turbidity and precipitates.

7 Stability: stable to heat, components do not change, no loss of function.

8, security: natural food protein, safe, non-toxic side effects.

Third, the product components and standards:

Product Components

product features


Product Standards

Molecular weight

Corn polypeptide

Pale yellow, with a special taste polypeptide

Buck; sober; fatigue; liver; enhance immunity; reduce serum cholesterol

Q / TJ011

2000-1000Dal) 90%

Fourth, the product traits:

1, organoleptic properties:

Off-white powder, no lumps, no impurities, no bad smell.

Soluble in water, after fully dissolved without visible impurities and precipitation.

2, physical and chemical indicators:



Moisture% ≤


Total Nitrogen% ≥


Arsenic (As), mg / kg≤


Lead (Pb), mg / kg≤


Mercury (as Hg.) Mg / kg≤


3, hygiene index



Total number of colonies cfu / g≤


Escherichia coli MPN / 100g≤



Not Detected

Mold cfu / g≤


Yeast cfu / g≤


Applications corn peptide

1. The blood pressure lowering health care products:

Corn peptides inhibit angiotensin-converting enzyme activity as a competitive inhibitor of angiotensin, reduce angiotensin read, the antihypertensive effect of oral hypertensive patients 24 hours after the blood pressure can drop also can prevent high blood pressure occurs on the normal from the health effects.

2. Hot products: corn peptide can inhibit gastric absorption of alcohol, increased in vivo alcohol dehydrogenase and aldehyde dehydrogenase activity, and promote alcohol metabolism in the body and discharged.

3. Liver products:

Corn peptide amino acids, branched chain amino acids (leucine; isoleucine; Valine) have reported high levels of hepatic coma, hepatic encephalopathy in patients with decreased blood branched-chain amino acids, high levels of input support. chain amino disease can be eased, highly branched infusion widely used in hepatic coma, cirrhosis, severe hepatitis and chronic hepatitis treatment. corn peptide branch chain amino acid content in this regard may have a high prospect.

4. Enhance immunity and enhance athletic ability of the product:

Corn peptide amino acid composition of the high content of glutamine, glutamine is an amino acid constituting a protein, nucleic acid synthesis is nitrogen, and tissue growth and repair are closely related, although the Department of non-essential amino acids, but improve immunity, to maintain the normal structure and function of the intestinal mucosa, improve the body's ability to adapt to external harmful stimuli are of great value as it is made of glutamine, to develop nutrition have improved immune function and enhance athletic ability of high value-added agent.

5. Athletes Food:

Corn peptide rich in hydrophobic amino acids, and a hydrophobic peptide, after ingestion can promote the secretion of glucagon, who maintain a high energy requirements of exercise, it is advantageous to improve athletic performance.

6. cholesterol-lowering foods:

Hydrophobic peptides have lower cholesterol and promote cholesterol metabolism, increase fecal excretion of sterols and other functions. Corn peptides may function as a main component of lipid-lowering foods.

7. Strengthening Protein Drink:

Japan and other developed countries to strengthen the application of corn peptide or protein drinks fatigue because corn has a higher content of glutamic acid peptide, brain beverages can also be made.