Soybean oligo-peptide powder

Soybean oligo-peptide powder

Product description:

Physicochemical and functional properties of soy oligopeptides a soybean oligopeptides

Soybean oligo-peptide is a small molecule peptides soy protein produced by enzymatic or acid hydrolysis method, mainly by 2 to 6 amino acid structure

A molecular weight of 1000 or less.

Soybean protein-rich and has a balanced amino acid profile, is recognized as a class of high-quality plant protein. Multitude of scientific research.

Study found that soy protein into the soybean oligopeptide, soybean oligopeptide appeared soy protein do not have many peculiarities.

1, physical and chemical characteristics of soybean oligopeptides

(1) small molecular weight. Soy protein molecular weight of up to tens or hundreds of thousands, while the average molecular weight of soybean oligopeptide or less in 1000.

Such oligomeric has reached the intestinal tract can be directly absorbed by the body level.

(2) water-soluble soy protein low solubility, and soy oligopeptides have good solubility in water. Water-soluble nutrients are often determined

The extent of absorption utilization.

(3) good thermal stability. In case of thermal denaturation of proteins, while soybean oligopeptide thermal stability. Therefore, we can use soy oligopeptides manufacture

Various forms of food, will not cause the structure change.

(4) good acid stability of proteins typically have isoelectric point, generally when the pH value of about 4.5, the solution will precipitate the protein that is big

Beans oligopeptide no isoelectric point in acidic conditions pH4.5 will not precipitate.

(5) Direct absorbent vitro tests demonstrated that soy oligopeptides after treatment with pepsin digestion is not more than 95%; by trypsin

After treatment, about 90% of undigested. This shows that soy oligopeptides no longer be digested, most will be in the form of oligopeptide is absorbed directly.

(6) security. Soybean memory in many anti-nutrients, such as trypsin inhibitors, hemagglutinin, anti-vitamin substances.

Harm the human body. Soy oligopeptide does not contain anti-nutrients. Studies have reported that soy oligopeptides have very low allergenicity. Because

Here, eat more secure.

2, the physiological function of soybean oligopeptides

A large number of animal experiments and human experiments have confirmed that the soybean oligopeptide has a range of physiological functions.

(1) to improve the organizational structure of the small intestine and absorption

Tests confirmed; soy oligopeptides can increase small intestinal villi height; deepened crypt depth; increase intestinal absorption area; promote

Developed intestinal glands, increase aminopeptidase activity. Thereby promote improved intestinal absorption function.

(2) enhance the body's immune system

Oligopeptides can improve cellular immune function. It can promote the proliferation of T lymphocytes, macrophages enhancements, enhanced

NK cell activity. Studies have reported that soy oligopeptides can also promote tumor necrosis factor production.

(3) lower blood pressure

Conversion of angiotensin I in the role of angiotensin-converting enzyme to angiotensin II. This conversion product, make peripheral vasoconstriction

Enhanced role, from the blood pressure. Soybean oligo-peptide can inhibit the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) activity, and therefore can serve to reduce

The effect of pressure. But soy oligopeptides almost no effect on normal blood pressure.

(4) The regulation of blood lipids

Oligopeptides by lowering serum total cholesterol; reduce triglycerides; lower LDL cholesterol; effectively regulate blood lipids


(5) to promote fat metabolism

Oligopeptides increase the activity of mitochondria of brown fat inside; promote fat metabolism; also increase norepinephrine conversion rate; Save

Less inhibition of lipase, thereby promoting fat metabolism.

(6) Antioxidant

Oligopeptides can be improved by superoxide dismutase; glutathione peroxidase activity; inhibition of lipid peroxidation; scavenging hydroxyl from

By a group, organization helps to reduce oxidation and protect the body.

(7) Sports Fatigue

Oligopeptides can be repaired during exercise skeletal muscle cells to repair damage, maintain the integrity of the structure and function of skeletal muscle cells.

At the same time, be able to increase the secretion of testosterone promote protein synthesis. Human trials confirmed that soy oligopeptides could reduce transport Distance Runners

After moving PRE level, helps reduce fatigue after exercise.

Second, the application Oligopeptides

Excellent characteristics of soybean oligopeptide has been widely recognized, and soy peptides as food materials used in processing and production of food.

1. apply to the efficacy of nutritional foods and hypoallergenic food

Oligopeptides digestible; absorbed quickly; and has a low antigenicity; can be used for special nutrients patient; especially intestinal digestive system

Nutrients and fluid state food, used in the rehabilitation of patients with digestive function decline in the elderly and infants immature digestive function taking.

2. For the production of health food

Oligopeptides with enhanced immunity; lower cholesterol; lower blood pressure; regulate blood lipids and other effects; can be used to develop sound having the corresponding functions

Called health food.

3. Development sport foods

The use of soy oligopeptides development of anti-fatigue food movement has been widely used at home and abroad. China's use of soybean oligo-peptide developed sports nutrition

In October 2005 it has passed the appraisal.

4. Other

Because soy oligopeptides have good physicochemical and processing characteristics of soybean oligopeptides it can also be applied to high protein foods, baked goods.

Candy, cakes, cold drinks and so on.

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