Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Product description:

TL-1000 deep hole drilling machine features
1. The machine castings with high quality Meehanite, and after aging treatment, the casting homogeneous and stable, high rigidity, good stability.
2. triaxial imported high rigidity, high-precision screw, provide the processing of more powerful torque, more durable.
3. triaxial imported high rigidity, heavy-duty, high-speed, high-precision ball linear guide, to ensure that the processing of high-precision and extended the life of linear guides.
The three-axis feed drives are used in Japan AC servo motors and drives, and directly connected with the ball screw, smooth transmission, no backlash, while its excellent rigidity and optimized damping performance, greatly improved transmission The dynamic rigidity, enabling fast moving.
5. imports powerful motor spindle, can meet the high demand for low-speed machining and equipped with automatic oil cooling system to ensure that the processing in a constant state.
6. The operating system used in Taiwan system, compatible with CAD / CAM software to use more diversified.

Deep hole drilling machine processing:
Deep processing for all types of workpiece: plastic mold (including transport water holes; runner; top marks); auto parts; crankshaft connecting rod, hydraulic pipes and other mainland automobile industry, household appliances industry leaps forward with Meng. Meng rapid development of large-scale mold demand, deep hole processing machine for customers to save a lot of processing time, small and medium scale manufacturers in the past, only the old machine to change deep hole machining, but difficult to ensure efficiency and accuracy, while the other manufacturers will rely on large processing plants or suppliers of raw materials and processing, in addition to time difficult to master, but transport is also often affect the progress, so deep hole processing machine since its introduction, in addition to being mold factory and large processing plants to purchase, but also received a Many small and medium sized mold factory query proves the market demand for this product.

Specifications Model: TL-1000
Deep Hole Drilling trip
1. Spindle about travel (X-axis) 1100mm
2. Spindle vertical stroke (Y axis) 1000mm
3. Spindle around travel (Z-axis) 1020mm

Deep drilling processing capacity
1. processing aperture 2.5 ~ 30mm
2. The processing depth 1000mm

Deep Hole Drilling table
1. load weight 8000kg
2. Size 1250 * 800mm

Deep Hole Drilling of power
1. The spindle motor AC servo 7.5-11KW
2. The table feed motor (X axis) 3.0KW
3. The vertical movement motor spindle (Y axis) 2.0KW
Before and after moving the spindle motor (Z axis) 1.5KW

Deep hole drilling processing speed
1. Maximum spindle speed 8000rpm
2. Drilling feed rate 10 ~ 250mm / min

Deep Hole Drilling Other parameters:
1. Cutting hydraulic pressure: 80 kg / cm2
2. The hydraulic pump out of fuel: 6-60 litre / min
3. Cutting Fuel tank capacity: 700 litre
4. Net weight: 9500kg
5. Machine size: 4800 * 3500 * 2600mm

Deep drilling of standard accessories
1. full face sheet metal shell
2. Taiwan control system
3. AC servo spindle motor
The three-axis servo motors and drives
5. The three-axis ball screw
6. The automatic chip conveyor
7. A magnetic filter device
8. thermostatic cooling system
9. quartz work lights
10. The two-color warning lights

Deep Hole Drilling optional accessories:
1. Power Regulator
2. Deep-hole drilling tool dedicated grinder
3. Cutting oil separator
4. The importing gun drill
5. Precision guide sleeve

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