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Single-axis CNC deep hole drilling

Single-axis CNC deep hole drilling
  • Single-axis CNC deep hole drilling
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Single-axis CNC deep hole drilling technology parameters:
No. Machine Model TL-800D
1 Number of single-axis spindle drilling
2 hole diameter range (mm) 2.5-30
3 Drilling depth (mm) 800
Moving back and forth from the spindle 4 (Z) mm 850
5 spindle servo motor AC servo -7.5KW
Around 6 spindle moving motor (Z) AC servo -2.0KW
7 Workbench chuck rotation of the motor 1 / 4HP
8 new generation of high-performance numerical control system; high reliability; beautiful
9 Drilling feed rate (mm / min)) 10-250
10 Maximum spindle speed 8000 servo
11 cutting oil pump pressure (P) 80
12 pump out oil (L / Min) 6-60
13 Cutting Fuel tank capacity (L) 800
14 Mechanical Weight (kg) 9500
15 Mechanical Dimensions (L * W * H) (mm) 4850 * 2000 * 2200

Single-axis CNC deep hole drilling machine features
1. The machine adopts high-quality cast iron castings, and after aging treatment, the casting homogeneous and stable, high rigidity, good stability.
2. uniaxial imported high rigidity, high-precision screw, provide the processing of more powerful torque, more durable.
3. uniaxial imported high rigidity, heavy-duty, high-speed, high-precision ball linear guide, to ensure that the processing of high-precision and extended the life of linear guides.
The single-axis feed drives are used in Japan AC servo motors and drives, and directly connected with the ball screw, smooth transmission, no backlash, while its excellent rigidity and optimized damping performance, greatly improved transmission The dynamic rigidity, enabling fast moving.
5. Imported powerful spindle motor, which can meet the processing needs of high and low, to ensure that the processing in a constant state.
6. The operating system uses a new generation of CNC system.
Single-axis CNC deep hole drilling processing range:
Suitable for special machining rod material drilling, etc.
Taiwan torch professional production: CNC deep hole drilling, single-axis CNC deep hole drilling (drilling rod material only), three-axis CNC deep hole drilling, deep hole drilling as well as multi-axis machine tool peripheral products and accessories.

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