Manual hydraulic pump

Manual hydraulic pump

Product description:

Manual hydraulic pump

Product Number: KH00159
Product Description: Manual pump configurations include: high pressure gauges, high pressure hose, transition joints, shunts and manual pump rapid joints; that is, a full range of ultra-high pressure systems manually install high-pressure high-pressure hose quick connectors at both ends; easy. in the course of rapid installation to removal. after assembly is completed can be suppressed.
Manual hydraulic pump
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Manual pump features:

Lightweight and compact design manual hydraulic pump.

Durable manually enhanced plastic tank and nylon encapsulated aluminum pump body pump resistant to corrosion.

Two-speed operation manual pump handle stroke than single-speed reduction when operating handle 78% effort, reduce labor intensity.

Lockable handle and lightweight construction and easy to carry ..

Fuel tank capacity, suitable for many types of cylinders and tools.

Built-in safety valve for Manual hydraulic pump Overload protection.

Manual pump Uses: manual hydraulic pump for hydraulic jacks, hydraulic tensioners, hydraulic pullers, hydraulic bolts, nuts and other manual hydraulic pressure system and manual hydraulic pump system.