U.33A jack

U.33A jack

Product description:

U. 33A jack

Product Number: KH00393
Product Description : U. 33A jack 1. Single acting jacks, load retraction 2. 3. Tonnage American ASME B30.1 standard range :. . 30,120 tons are mainly used in small compact lightweight 4. workspace .

U. 33A jack

1. Single acting jack, load retraction.

2. The United States ASME B30.1 standards.

3. Tonnage Range : 30,120 tons .

The lightweight and compact are mainly used in small workspaces.

Security matters:

1, the screw tightening process, if more than the maximum allowable torque, security teenager broken.

2, while ensuring that the jack and lifting heavy objects consistent with the direction of gravity .

3. Do not use pneumatic tools to tighten .