Compact hydraulic bolt tensioners (Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners)

Compact hydraulic bolt tensioners (Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners)

Product description:

Compact hydraulic bolt tensioners (Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners)

Product Number: KH00358
Product Description: 1, compact hydraulic bolt tensioners conventional size: M27 ~ M200; other specifications of hydraulic bolt tensioners according to customer's actual conditions and special requirements tailored 2, compact, light weight, easy to use 3. precise tensile strength to ensure uniform preload, high repetition accuracy, and ensure the bolt tightening effect. 4, precise manufacturing process to ensure product durability, using ultra-high pressure seal imports professionally designed to ensure that high-pressure leak-free, the product long life, reduce maintenance costs. 5, high strength materials to ensure safe working pressure 1500bar, For 2000bar please call our sales staff. 6 for tightening large bolts and disassemble. with a plurality of hydraulic tensioners, precise synchronization of multiple bolts can stretch, improve work efficiency.

Compact hydraulic bolt tensioners
KHI-Series. Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners

Hydraulic bolt tensioners Bolt disassembly tool is advanced, particularly suitable for a plurality of the same size of the bolt assembly, which reforms the traditional fastening methods, with a high pressure hand pump is provided preload bolt reaches a predetermined load, and then mechanically locked in on fasteners, making it easy to complete the bolt work.

Hydraulic bolt tensioners Features:

Handy Within clip-seal structures, components rarely, easy to operate.

Safety Piston overstroke automatic pressure relief system, which has a reliable safety, operator error can be effectively protected.

accurate No structure to avoid friction torque, bolts issues such distortion, accurate calculation of preload to avoid damage to the bolt tightening process.

Average load All bolts evenly so that it carries is called 'no leak tightening'.

Efficient A plurality of fastening bolts at the same time on the election Hydraulic bolt tensioners .

Hydraulic bolt tensioners Application: oil; petrochemicals; natural gas; electricity (nuclear power; thermal power; wind power; hydro), mining, shipbuilding, metallurgy, heavy machinery, railways, cement, construction, aerospace and other.