Integrated hydraulic Puller

Integrated hydraulic Puller

Product description:

Integrated hydraulic Puller

Product Number: KH00188
Product Description : Hydraulic Puller commonly known as hydraulic Rama ', divided into one hydraulic pullers ( integrated hydraulic Rama ), Split Hydraulic Puller ( split hydraulic Rama ), vehicle-mounted hydraulic Puller (car type hydraulic Rama ) Hydraulic Puller ( hydraulic Rama ) is mainly applied to the coupling; pulley; bearing disassembly; widely used oil; petrochemicals; natural gas; electricity ( nuclear power; thermal power; wind power; hydro), mining, shipbuilding , metallurgy, heavy machinery, railways, cement and other industries.

Integrated hydraulic pullers -Hydraulic Pullers

1: a person easy, flexible and convenient operation of the integrated hydraulic pullers .

2 : 360 degree rotating handle, Puller Hydraulic any position in one operation.

3 : Spring for the thimble, both on the middle and do not hurt the workpiece integral hydraulic pullers .

4: 2 feet, 3 feet interchangeable, easy to use integrated hydraulic pullers .

5:20 tons or more cylinder with double speed function, there is effort both quickly integrated hydraulic pullers .