EPDM Rubber Electric Cabinet Box Seal Strip

EPDM Rubber Electric Cabinet Box Seal Strip

Product description:

EPDM rubber Electric cabinet box seal strip

Material: EPDM foam (sponge) , or density of EPDM

Color: black

Product features: EPDM EPDM rubber foam has excellent weather resistance for raw materials of rubber and plastic materials as the alternatives of traditional rubber and plastic materials. Epdm with high chemical stability, good electrical insulating performance and aging resistance, waterproof performance. It can be widely used in all kinds of architecture and environmental requirements is not high in refrigeration, air conditioning, etc, also can be widely used in the field of environmental requirements higher, such as: minus 40 ℃ ~ 150 ℃ environment of automobile air conditioning system. AOKE audiocodes rubber technology co. , LTD. Suzhou chassis cabinet sponge sealing area of resistance to high temperature, and environmental requirements, such as pharmaceutical factory, hospital, military equipment, etc.

Electric cabinet seals | | electrical cabinets waterproof circle box sealing strip features: epdm foam with high chemical stability; good electrical insulating performance and water resistance; aging resistance is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1. The height of the aging resistance:

A good ozone resistance - epdm is known as the non crack rubber', ozone resistance is the best in the general rubber.

AOKE electric tank sealing strip B | | electrical cabinets waterproof circle box sealing strip has good thermal stability.

C excellent aging resistance, can be use for a long time under 130 ℃, 150 ℃ or higher temperature interval or short-term use.

D excellent weatherability, refers to the natural environment in the light, heat, cold, wind, rain, ozone, oxygen in the atmosphere comprehensive factors of aging.

Electrical box foam sealing strip 2. Excellent chemical resistance, due to the chemical stability of epdm itself and nonpolar, therefore react with most chemicals don't, don't miscibility between polar material or intermiscibility is small, it is resistant to alcohol, acid, formic acid, acetic acid) , alkali, oxidant, such as H202, HCLO, etc.) , detergents, animal and plant oil, ketone, some fat, hydrazine.

3. Chassis cabinet sponge sealing strip excellent resistance to water, heat and water vapor resistance, strong water is a polar material, AOKE electric tank sealing strip | | electrical cabinets waterproof circle enclosure seals epdm belongs to a kind of high polymer alkanes hydrazine, has hydrophobic'. Not easy the creation between chemistry, so has the outstanding resistance to water, overheating and steam resistance.

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