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High Temperature Silicone Sponge

High Temperature Silicone Sponge
  • High Temperature Silicone Sponge
Product code: 19567400001
Unit price: 1-2 USD
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Minimum order: 500
Other info: 100KG Black White Red Pink Blue Green Orange Yellow Brown Purple Grey Gold Silver Transparent
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High Temperature Silicone Sponge

High Temperature Silicone Sponge is widely used in power system, automobile, airplane, large air filter, refrigerators and various kinds of industrial parts. Is a kind of can rise to prevent external dust, air, and water into the system such as rubber seal components and its main body structure is to use the lip, empty cavity, flange and other parts of the elastic and assembly of objects (glass, metal pieces etc) surface produces contact pressure from the seal and vacuum role.

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