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Wire Mesh Shielding Liner\seal Strip

Wire Mesh Shielding Liner\seal Strip
  • Wire Mesh Shielding Liner\seal Strip
  • Wire Mesh Shielding Liner\seal Strip
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Minimum order: 500
Other info: 100KG Black
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Wire mesh shielding liner/ seal strip


The product is the rubber as the inner core, the weaving of wire mesh and rubber together one kind of product. It has a good shielding function. In some cases, the single wire mesh shielding wire will do the trick, but in some special cases, need to multilayer metal wire. With rubber core wire mesh can achieve environmental sealing, smoke has waterproof and anticorrosion, and so on role. Normally we use the inner core material is sponge (such as chloroprene rubber; silicone rubber sponge; epdm rubber and PU foam) , but in many practical applications to clear is the silicone rubber and epdm sponge, resistant to climate stability is better.


Compared with all metal wire mesh, with rubber core wire mesh shielding sealing strip has better resilience, thus is suitable for those who often need to open and close doors or cover, at the same time, the closing force of it is relatively much lower, so even if there are some irregular surface, also can get very good EMI shielding effect. This product has the environmental sealing function, especially for smoke dust isolation. If these products are used in some special environment, we will use fluorine silicon rubber or some other special products, to meet your requirements. Conductive sealing with rubber core wire can through the conductive adhesive (the points of contact wire can penetrate the film) fixed in the groove or cracks inside. In order to facilitate clamping and riveting, with circular section and double core section of the wing all cases can be used.


Frequency field; Monel; Aluminum; Tin; Stainless

10 KHz H 45 40 60 40

100 KHzH 49 45 65 44

1 MHz H 60 60 8558

1 MHz E 125 125 125 125

10 MHzE 120 120 120 120

100 MHz E 100100 108 100

400 MHz P 98 95 99 94

1 GHz P 85 76 78 76

10 GHz P 80 65 62 60

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