Medium Density Silicone Sponge

Medium Density Silicone Sponge

Product description:

Medium density silicone sponge

Density16lbs + or4lbs per cu. ft. (0.254 grms per cc)


Tensile Strength 65 Newtons

Compression Recovery24 hours at 23 degree= 100% after 1 hour

(25% Deflection) 24 hours at 100oC= 95% after 1 hour

72 hours at 150oC= 85

Temperature (min) -50degree

Temperature (max) +200 degree

Toxicity NES 713 ISS 31.4mm

Smoke index NES 71146

Burn Rate BS47350.03mm per second

Thermal Value 0.0695 w (m.k)

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Medium density silicone spongeMain features:

1 USES the high quality green nontoxic silicone rubber raw material, of food grade, accord with ROHS, the FDA.

2 has good heat resistance performance and can withstand-70centigrade

to 300 centigrade

3 product naisuanjian corrosion, anti-ultraviolet radiation anti-aging.

4 good toughness, hardness limits 20 A-70 A.

5 color, size all can according to customer requirements of drawing size or samples.

6 can back since the sticky tape, sealing better, high temperature resistant adhesive used for don't fall off.

We can according to your request custom make any size.