Oil drilling screw copper

Oil drilling screw copper

Product description:

Drill pipe, drill collars, couplings, oil casing and other major equipment oil exploration projects, how many times they can be reused, and a direct impact on oil production costs. However, in the actual drilling process, because the thread gluing joints frequent phenomenon, resulting in drill life (times) shorter tubing (casing) leak; threaded joints strength decrease; even off well accidents; to oil (gas) field mining companies enormous economic loss.

Gluing means continuity threaded surface; integrity; dimensional accuracy destruction of a failure phenomenon; its basic characteristics are varying degrees of scratches on the surface of the thread; nap; even scrape pit; knot tumors and other defects (Figure 1). findings oilfield construction, administration showed 86 percent of domestic oil casing failure in threaded joints, and anti-galling properties of domestic drilling is generally lower than imported products Not only easy to stick buckle welded pipe, seamless pipe is also easy gluing, indicating that domestic oil equipment manufacturing enterprises are not a good solution to thread galling problems. Therefore, take effective measures to improve anti-galling properties of a threaded drilling equipment It has its economic significance.
Copper layer has the best anti-galling properties of the copper layer as the theory and practice of historical thread release buckle surface layer can be traced back to mechanical power transmission friction - the release shaft and bushing wear theory and application of course. To prevent axle phenomenon, usually in the bush cladding layer babbitt. Although low hardness Babbit, but because it has good ductility, toughness, ductility, continuity, and the ability to absorb abrasive, thus effectively improve the anti-adhesion and wear properties of friction between the later successfully developed an anti-adhesion ability wear better pad surface plating lead - tin alloy technology, and lead - tin - ternary alloy of copper, and even multi-alloy Technical but on the threaded shackle process will produce high temperature under high temperature conditions, not the use of such a low melting point of lead - tin-based binary and even multi-alloy plating copper thread became improve anti-galling properties Preferred coating. Since the copper layer has a high melting point (1083 ℃), low hardness, ductility, and steel material differences in lattice parameters and other characteristics, therefore, is to prevent copper thread surface drill pipe, tubing and casing thread sticky ideal solution buckle.
Currently, there are three main types of copper plating process: cyanide copper, copper pyrophosphate and acid sulfate copper but highly toxic cyanide copper, copper pyrophosphate slow, acidic copper sulfate poor adhesion. the presence of other problems, the need to develop successful new thread copper process to a reasonable solution to the problem buckle release of drilling equipment.
I provide FJY series of quick, environmentally friendly, neutral brush copper-based alloy technology fundamentally overcome the shortcomings of traditional copper technology exists, and supporting the successful development of the copper layer to inhibit discoloration of technical and non-corrosive to . residual copper technology tool manufacturers at home and abroad use the results show, FJY series brush copper-based alloy was superior technical achievements famous American bar, tube manufacturers - Complete thread provided Brush Electric Stirling copper process.
For different tool material; prepared in accordance with the normative shackle Brush FJY technical provisions of test pieces; according to API standard deduction on a dedicated unloading on the testing machine test samples galling behavior test; the results show that: for carbon steel, alloy drill steel substrate, on a total of 20 times or more shackle no galling phenomenon; for the high-chromium steel, stainless steel, super 13Cr substrate such as drilling, on a total of 16 times or more shackle no gluing phenomenon of the test sample. anti-galling performance is better than similar technology imports.

Compared with domestic and foreign similar release buckle copper technology, FJY series brush copper-based alloy technology has the following salient features:

1) Copper production efficiency improved several times, stable plating quality, reliable.
2) applicable to a wide range of materials, anti-galling performance is better than similar foreign technology.
2) copper thread does not change color, do not return to rust, to solve the long plagued drill production units in the presence of copper production problems.
3) the successful development of a threaded surface residues, no corrosion of copper removal technology, not only provides a convenient drilling equipment maintenance, but also solve the problem of defective reprocessing of copper, significant savings in the use of units and production units processing costs.
4) widely used FJY series of anti-galling thread copper technology practice proved that the technology is an alternative to imported technology, and in a number of performance indicators higher than the imported products of a new generation release buckle surface modification technology.

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