Mold repair

Mold repair

Product description:

Mold used in manufacturing large, affecting a wide range of tools, are increasingly important in the modern mass production, no high levels of mold, there is no high-quality products, its enterprises to improve production efficiency, reduce production costs also has an important role in manufacturing the mold material is usually a class of difficult to machine materials, domestic mold cavity generally preclude the use of EDM molding.
But processing power is very low production efficiency, both in terms of speed the development of mold or mold manufacturing quality, can not meet the requirements of modern production appears high-speed processing technology for mold manufacturing technology has opened up a new road. Whether stamping mold or plastic mold, in order to improve its service life, the relevant parts constituting the mold cavity is generally used high-strength wear-resistant materials, these materials are high hardness after heat treatment, is difficult to process using conventional machining methods. mold has an extremely important role in the national economy, at present, China's mold technology can not fully meet the needs of modern industrial development, the level of the past 20 years behind than in developed countries. The main problem is the long manufacturing cycle, short life, low precision, production can only meet about half the required amount, so the current urgent problem is to improve die life while improving die life easiest, most economical and most realistic approach is to use brush plating technology
Brush plating technology research and development in our country, promote the application of more than twenty years of history, this new technology to solve critical problems in many national key projects of maintenance, creating more than 3 billion yuan of direct economic benefits. Electric plating technique have National Science and Technology Progress Award, the state three consecutive five-year plan focused on the promotion of new technologies. Currently brush plating technology has been widely used on the printing press roller repair, hydraulic rod repair, repair shaft countless cases proof electric plating technology is a reliable, high success rate, environmental protection, high-quality repair industrial products remanufacturing process.

Electric brush plating applications in the field of mold repair presentation.

1. Brush Plating technology in mold manufacturing and repair failures, widely used for a number of large and difficult to move the mold, since the electric brush device is relatively simple, the process flexible, easy to carry, you can go to the scene to conduct surface brush. After the mold cavity for local defects, or worn parts Brush can also be used to repair the surface due to the repair cycle is short, large economic benefits, but also after the repair wear resistance, hardness, surface roughness of the surface and so can achieve The original performance indicators, and therefore will serve the purpose of surface hardening brush plating technology used in mold, can make car parts (such as the crankshaft; connecting rod; gear, etc.). The forging die life expectancy increased from 20 to 100%, mainly due to Brush plating is a good red hardness, wear resistance and oxidation resistance; electric brush also can greatly improve the life of cold-working die, thanks to the brush coating has high hardness and good anti-adhesion properties; use Amorphous brush coating, allows a variety of hot and cold mold life further improve the life of 50 to 200%.
2. Brush Plating technology to strengthen the metal surface of the mold. By conventional methods of manufacturing molds, high cost, long cycle. The use of plating methods can reduce costs and improve efficiency. Because we can mold surface metal plating of different materials to give different characteristics of the metal surface. a King Technology Development Center can brush the surface of the mold surface copper, copper alloy, nickel alloy, silver, gold, tin, zinc and other wear-resistant or corrosion-resistant materials.

The basic principle of electric Brush

Brush plating technique requires the use of a dedicated DC power supply, the power of positive then plated pen, when used as the anode brush; negative electrode connected to the power supply of the workpiece as a cathode during plating brush pen commonly used high purity fine graphite as the anode block material, outside wrapped in a layer of graphite blocks and wear cotton polyester jacket. plating bath when so soaked plated pen with a certain velocity relative motion moved on the work surface and maintain the proper pressure in the plating pen with the workpiece the contact portion, the bath of metal ions in the electric field of the diffusion to the surface, and the surface is reduced to obtain electron metal atoms, forming a plating layer deposited crystals, with the growth time of plating, coating thickness, so as to achieve plating and repair purposes. electric plating equipment includes power unit, plating pen with the anode and various auxiliary materials.

Electric Plating large die-site operation Figure