Hydraulic rod repair

Hydraulic rod repair

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Country scene around repair hydraulic cylinders, eliminating the need for handling your demolition problems. Repair quality first in the country! 18,629,029,168 a year free warranty repair phone 029-88442755

Where to learn our electrical brush cylinder repair technology, training fees are waived

Common forms of damage hydraulic rod main strain, electrical injury, indentation, etc. Our use of electric plating technique to repair hydraulic rod have significant effects. We use special bath brush technology in the country is unique, and the remaining manufacturers are chrome plating surface can not be successful. The use of cold welding and other treatment likely to fall off, and the surface of the cylinder can cause secondary injury .

1. coating adhesion is good, and the new hydraulic rod as normal after the repair use.

2. The color difference is small, the appearance of no obvious boundaries.

3. The low temperature operation, without compromising the performance of the original material.

4. Repair of high efficiency, eliminating the overall retreat chromium, electroplating and other cumbersome process.

Before and after comparison chart hydraulic cylinder repair

After the hydraulic cylinder hydraulic cylinder repair before restoration

After the hydraulic cylinder chrome damaged hydraulic cylinder repair

Here is a picture field repair hydraulic rod

Excavator hydraulic rod chrome damaged state

Chrome plating repair damaged electricity

Dimensions after damage recovery (already restored damaged by plating alloy surface size, but not plated surface layer)

After the restoration of damaged surface renderings (up mirror effect; almost like-new condition; only a little color)

Hydraulic cylinder repair Case 1. Northwest a carbon electrode factory repair large cylinders strain

Hydraulic cylinder repair Case 2. Jiangsu excavator hydraulic rod-site repair

Hydraulic cylinder repair Case
3. 20 tons of iron in four companies telescopic crane arm cylinder repair strained

Case 4. Shanxi hydraulic digging machine repair site repair tanks

The traditional repair process, you need to first remove the piston rod, and then sent to the repair shop, repair take longer installation, the process is quite cumbersome.

With nano-plating technology to fix, hardness and wear resistance and a new rod using the same effect, and can achieve a mirror effect.

Repair processes using other defects:

Cold welding: income side difficult to repair surface corrosive.

Thermal Spray: poor adhesion, easy to collapse skin.

4. Shanxi digging machine cylinder-site repair

5. Pu Yuan hydraulic site restoration

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