Portable Tin Machine

Portable Tin Machine

Product description:

The good news: the new customer purchases and other tin plating bath accessories, send basic portable tin machine.

Chong King Tin Machine Brush principle is the use of electricity, tinned copper, aluminum row, transformers, electrical terminals and other products, so as to improve the electrical conductivity and corrosion performance portable tin welding equipment work accessory products, graphite anode, the anode sheath , electric net liquid tin liquid.

Portable large aluminum row Tin Tin Machine

Portable large copper tin Tin Machine

Portable mirror bright tin plating Tin Machine

Portable neutral bright tin plating Tin Machine

Portable Tin Machine Features: tinned convenient device weighs only 2 kg, without plating tank, tin speed, can be carried to any place spot with tin. Chong King bright tin solution , Can greatly improve efficiency. Tinning process less waste, bath odorless, non-toxic, non-hazardous to the environment.
If you think big polluters plating; electroplating factory opened in trouble; NA me a King Tin Machine and portable Bright plating bath It will be your best choice.
If you think that every time go out for tinning process is cumbersome, you can also choose a King portable Tin Machine.
Chong King Tin Machine, let tin becomes easier!
Introduction Principles

Brush Plating is normal fast plating method does not require a plating tank, plating pen relying provide electrodeposited metal coating bath need, wherever plated pen to quickly deposited metal coating. Changing the bath type or operating parameters , you can meet different performance requirements deposited metal coating. Since the coating is on the base metal to metal atom piled as the basic unit rules, so dense coating with the substrate with a solid. Brush the current increases, the longer the time , thicker coatings (coating thickness greater than 3 to 5 mm). It is because you can get good adhesion, thick, dense microstructure, hardness wide range of metal plating methods used in the repair parts Brush, Brush maintenance technology in equipment Maintenance widely applied.

Operating Specifications

1. Electrical net processing

The workpiece to be plated copper or tin machine pick anode, cathode connected graphite anode. Working voltage 6-9V. Electricity after copper net needs to be rinsed with water.

(The purpose of this step is to go out the oil the metal surface to ensure adhesion layer of tin and finish) after flushing, such as the oil spill did not go to clean, repeat step 1.

2. Tin

The workpiece to be plated copper or tin machine pick anode, cathode connected graphite anode. Working voltage 6V.

After tin tin surface needs to be rinsed with water.

development trend

Since the tin layer is not easy to change color in the air, but also has good weldability, electrical conductivity and low cost, so the electric power, electrical, electronics industry, tin instead of silver plating has become a trend. Neutral Bright Brush tinned technology overcomes the common acid tin, tinned basic shortcomings of technology to solve many specific problems exist in the current brush tinning technology, the main features are as follows:

1. tin layer of silver white light appearance, uniform color.

2. tinning solution on a substrate (such as aluminum and its alloys, etc.) as well as the original tin layer is non-corrosive. When a large area of ​​brush, neither neutral tinning liquid corrosion unmasked matrix metal, it will not Corrosion has good bright tin plating layer has no effect on the gloss of the original tin layer.

3. repeatedly tin can. When you need a thick tin plating layer, you can again brush (such as the original tin layer thickness is not enough, you need to re-tinning, etc.) in the original tin layer, tin plating appearance quality unchanged .

4. plating capacity greater than 0.3 mm thick, is far higher than the current conventional brush tinning technology.

5. Construction of a wide temperature range can be bright tin construction at room temperature, even in the hot summer months, or long lead plating bath temperature, light effects did not affect the tin layer.

6. Brush Wide voltage range, can normally tinned within 3 ~ 8V of voltage range.

7. neutral bright tin was safe, environmentally friendly, harmless, environmental pollution.
8. The average cost per square meter of tin in 5-10 yuan.


Currently tin machine has been widely used tin-plated copper, tin-plated terminals, various electrical connection surface tin, aluminum row of tin, silver plated transformers and other industrial fields.

Other parameters

First, the technical indicators:
Input voltage --AC220V ± 10%
Input frequency --47-63HZ
Load stability: ≤ ± 0.5%
Voltage stability: ≤ ± 0.5%
Efficiency: ≥80%
Protection function: A, input fuse overcurrent protection
B, output power protection
C, overheating protection
D, output overvoltage protection
E, output short circuit protection
Opening time: 50MS (typ)
Hold Time: 20MS (typ)
Cooling: Air Cooled
Second, the environmental conditions
1, the working temperature: -10 degrees to +50 degrees
2. Storage temperature: -20 degrees to +85 degrees
3, Altitude: ≤1KM
4, no severe vibration and shock ventilated

Tinned copper case
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