Silver plating solution

Silver plating solution

Product description:

Silver is a soft; plastic; conductive ability (25 ℃ when the conductivity was 6.33 * lO5Ω-1cm-1), good chemical stability and have a beautiful color of the precious metal so in electricity, electronics industry, silver. layer is used to prevent electrical contact oxidation, reduce the surface contact resistance, improved conductivity and electrical components of the electrical connector, and can improve the weldability of silver plated components.

According to the country, both inside and outside literature analysis of publicly reported, silver layer surface of the product through cyanide plating obtained. It has been the method of using the brush silver-plated parts have special requirements for surface silvering process, but its The use of highly poisonous cyanide bath is still there silver plating solution.

Northwestern Polytechnical University, who have been commissioned by a number of units, carried out in different types of substrate material on the surface of a large area (titanium; aluminum; stainless steel;; steel copper, etc.) cyanide-free silver plating brush applied research work; and completed a number of military; cyanide-free silver plating brush construction mission critical products people

Basic performance FJY cyanide-free silver plating solution and a silver-plated brush layer:

silver Liquid pH value: 6.0-6.5;

silver Power factor solution is: 0.018 A`h / (dm2`μm) ;

silver The conductivity of the liquid is: 62 Ω-1 `Cm-1 (30℃) ;

Brush operating voltage: 2-7 V;

The relative movement speed: 3-10 m / min;

Construction temperature range: -5 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃;

Plating thickness capacity: more than 0.2 mm;

silver Layer surface contact resistance: less than 10-5Ω;

silver Adhesion layer and the substrate are: compliance with GB2570-85 standard requirements heated to 400 ℃.. silver Layer afford to skin, not falling off.

Current transformers silver plating

Underground power equipment electrical connector body brush cyanide-free silver plating