Silver plated tin _

Silver plated tin _

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In the power system, due to the aluminum itself has a good electrical conductivity, aluminum and copper to technological innovations are rapidly as aluminum large current bus is widely applied in electrical (electronic) industry, aluminum motherboard, Copper - aluminum composite panel applications are more and more in civilian areas, application examples abound of aluminum and its alloys.
In general, if not appropriately aluminum and its alloys surface treatment, its scope of application will be greatly reduced. For example, no anodized aluminum technology, there will be daily aluminum surface conductivity of aluminum, if not improve nature, it is impossible to use it for electricity, electronics industry (except aluminum capacitors).
Although a variety of aluminum surface treatment measures, but summed up can be divided into two categories: one is to improve its chemical stability; wear; decorative (colored, etc.), dielectric characteristics and the use of chemical oxidation or electrochemical anodic oxidation treatment technique; the other is to reduce the surface resistance of the conductive surface modification technique adopted.
Brush technology in aluminum processing is carried out in the main surface of the conductive modification, or restoration dimensional precision machining tolerance parts, however, due to the wide range of aluminum (aluminum; Hard aluminum; wrought aluminum; rust-proof aluminum; aluminum, etc.), the surface state of significant differences, therefore, how to ensure the quality of aluminum and its alloys Brush has been a headache.
Although there are a lot of information introduced aluminum plating (electric plating) method, but often the sake of discussion, does not have universal adaptability, suitable to one aluminum plating method does not necessarily apply to another aluminum from nature speaking, aluminum is a highly chemically active metal, but in everyday life, rarely seen it reflect the high chemical activity of nature. This is because aluminum is easily oxidized in the atmosphere, generated on its surface and the substrate with a solid oxide film (Al2O3), the regenerative capacity of the oxide film is very strong, even in an aqueous environment, the oxide film can be quickly reproduced. Cause poor adhesion to the aluminum coating is not able to deal with before the plating process the complete removal of the oxide film. can completely remove the oxide film and prevent its regeneration, it is key to the quality level of electric plating on aluminum and its alloys decision.
Use FJY series aluminum plating techniques activation solution, can significantly improve the activation effect, the actual brush effects show that the series aluminum activation technology has wide adaptability, coating and the substrate binding force even more than the aluminum itself against tensile strength. This paper describes some applications examples illustrate FJY series aluminum activation technology in aluminum and its alloys plating on the characteristics of the application.
Silvered surface on the electrical, electronics, high-power transmission equipment, not only can reduce the surface contact resistance electrical connection parts, prevent contact oxidation, but also can improve the weldability of silver-plated parts.
Since the tin layer is not easy to change color in the air, but also has good weldability, electrical conductivity and low cost, so the electric power, electrical, electronics industry, making tin has become a trend.

The picture shows the aluminum surface brush silvered

Neutral bright tin-plated copper surface

Mirror bright tin plating copper surface