Bright plating bath

Bright plating bath

Product description:

Since the tin layer is not easy to change color in the air, but also has good weldability, electrical conductivity and low cost, so the electric power, electrical, electronics industry, tin instead of silver plating has become a trend.
We provide a neutral light brush tinning technology overcomes the common acid tin, tinned basic shortcomings of technology, successfully developed for the first time at home and abroad can be obtained at room temperature and neutral tin bright tin layer technology In the brush tinning technology, Northwestern Polytechnical University not only successfully developed technology mirror bright brush tin, white tin plating technology neutral electricity, but also successfully developed a technology neutral bright brush tinning user by using Compare, live demonstrations and other tinned control results and technologies are proven, Northwestern Polytechnical University offers the overall level of tinning technology, the coating quality, significantly higher than other similar brushes Tin Tin Technology products suppliers to solve currently many specific issues, the main features of the brush tinning technology exists as follows:
1. tin layer of silver white light appearance, uniform color.
2. tinning solution on a substrate (such as aluminum and its alloys, etc.) as well as the original tin layer is non-corrosive. When a large area of ​​brush, neither neutral tinning liquid corrosion unmasked matrix metal, it will not Corrosion has good bright tin plating layer has no effect on the gloss of the original tin layer.
3. repeatedly tin can. When you need a thick tin plating layer, you can again brush (such as the original tin layer thickness is not enough, you need to re-tinning, etc.) in the original tin layer, tin plating appearance quality unchanged .
4. plating capacity greater than 0.3 mm thick, is far higher than the current conventional brush tinning technology.
5. Construction of a wide temperature range can be bright tin construction at room temperature, even in the hot summer months, or long lead plating bath temperature, light effects did not affect the tin layer.
6. Brush Wide voltage range, can normally tinned within 3 ~ 8V of voltage range.
7. neutral bright tin was safe, environmentally friendly, harmless, environmental pollution.
Bright tin was applied to:
1. with a King Tin Tin Machine for brushes.
2. Can be used directly or after dilution tin plating.
Bright tin liquid range of applications: copper tin, copper tin, all kinds of terminals tin, tin plate, tin-plated aluminum row and so on.
Compare a King surface technology development center provides FJY plating bath and the plating bath of ordinary domestic market.

The picture shows the large neutral bright tin plating aluminum row

Tin-plated mirror-bright renderings.

Copper busbar bright tin plated neutral effect diagram

Bright plating bath
FJY plating bath
Other brands plating bath
The high-performance plating stabilizer significantly improve the life of a tinning liquid.
Life is short, summer construction quality problems more.
The bath containing the coating stress release agent, tin plating eliminates the possibility of the occurrence of whiskers.
Tin layer spontaneously produce whiskers, not for microelectronics, otherwise it will cause a short circuit board.
Tin coating does not change color if the defense plated color processing technology can ensure long-term does not change color tin layer.
Tin coating chemical stability is poor, the placement process has eclipsed the phenomenon (black), surface resistance increases.
Thick plating capacity greater than 0.3mm, and can keep a mirror sheen.
Poor plating thickness, glossiness difference
The deposition speed is 3 to 5 times the other brush tinning technologies.
Deposition slow, low brush efficiency.