Press cylinder repair

Press cylinder repair

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Site repair throughout the country, without dismantling the drum, from your transportation worries. Free year warranty! Repair phone 18629029168 029-88442755

Repair Case 1. Hangzhou, a laminating machine printing cylinder repair
Repair Case 2. Hebei four-roll calender rolls repair

Damage manifests itself in the way the press cylinders at both ends of the ink on the drum corrosion and foreign bodies (such as wrenches, screws, etc.) on the roll surface accidental crushing presence of the roller surface defects color, accuracy, production efficiency of printing products and other produce important influence, for example both ends will cause corrosion print on both sides of the split product made false or distorted, indentation will cause local no text, no graphics (or text, graphics distortion), greatly reducing the printer value.
In other countries, printer manufacturers and repair companies will brush technique for early drum crushing, corrosion repair, and put this process written into the printing machinery maintenance manual.
In China, nearly 10 years, a growing number of printing machinery maintenance company by electric plating technique to repair printing machinery, but because many people do not really understand the different businesses that provided technical level of brush, repair quality is not reliable.

Traditional playing Tongding repair effect is not satisfactory conventional thermal spray repair effect is not ideal

Bonding technique was also used to repair corrosion indentation or both, was probably not see Shiyao problem, however, for a large area of ​​thin restoration, few have a longer life, with the use of time, from the skin, flaking is inevitable. Dozens of printer repair companies use the results proved that our fast, thick, green brush technique is a simple, effective way to fix a printing press cylinder does not disintegrate.

2000 ago; few people rely solely on brush technique to repair the printing press indentation and ends of corrosion; usually filled pit by other methods (welding; brazing; fight Tongding; coated conductive adhesive, etc.), with grinding Brush overlay method. Since 2000, foreign companies (Dalic, Selectrons etc.) to open branches in the country, with a plating method to repair imported printing presses (foreign press service specified in the manual method must use Brush maintenance) But because the repair costs are too high, has not been able to open the domestic market, most branch has pulled out of the Chinese market. In the meantime, some domestic printer repair company Brush technology to replace imports with FJY series printer roller brush technology Brush repair, the results proved that the use FJY series plating, according to the method (FJY Brush User's Guide) shall be brush, repair quality than imported technology. For example, chrome-plated cylinder repair, using plating technology resulting FJY coating bond strength is higher than imported technology, repair efficiency is much higher than imported technology, filling 1mm indentation of time is not more than 1 hour
Brush plating technique to repair printer renderings electrical brush technique to repair laminating machine renderings

Our plating technique to repair the ends of corrosion Heidelberg, Komori, Mitsubishi, Roland, North were other well-known brands of the press rolls, crushing, scratching, abrasion and many other diseases. In addition, the use FJY series Brush maintenance technology , during maintenance, without having to remove parts, you can live without disassembly repair. Repair binding layer and the substrate is more than painting, bonding, cold welding and other conventional repair methods.

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