Non-cyanide gold-plated

Non-cyanide gold-plated

Product description:

On the technical status of gilt, the domestic and international use of cyanide gold, typically use toxic cyanide gold plating solution as ions complexing agents so, such baths have a fatal flaw - toxic plating solution , there are security risks and environmental pollution problems.

There are highly toxic cyanide gold-plated solve the fundamental problem lies in the nature of the use of non-CN- cyanide-free plating solution. To this end, over the past century many scientists committed to non-cyanide gold plating technology research and application, but there will be no real cyanide gilding techniques used in long-term investment units are rare. The main problem is the plating solution unstable performance, process parameters narrow, gold-plated layer color is not good.
Northwestern Polytechnical University, successfully developed FJY non-cyanide gold-plated technology, using essentially cyanide-free, non-toxic multi ligand gold ion complexing agents to solve a variety of specific problems exist in the current non-cyanide gold-plated. Hundreds of practical user The results show that the technique is the only alternative to cyanide gold-plated technology has the potential non-cyanide technique of the non-cyanide gold-plated technology is the biggest characteristic: anywhere on Earth; throughout the year; at room temperature (no heating), can be to electric plating, electroless plating, bright full production of non-cyanide gold-plated.

Gold layer performance test results and typical application examples illustrate FJY series of non-cyanide gold-plated technology not only eliminates the traditional cyanide gold plating security risks;. And overcome the current non-cyanide gold plating process requires high temperature operation; bath instability and other shortcomings; can at any temperature within (-10 ~ 45 ℃) range to electric plating, or electroless plating quickly electrodeposited full bright gold coating. FJY non-cyanide gold-plated successful application practices result in a number of areas of the national economy further evidence This technology is the only alternative to cyanide gold-plated technical potential of the new non-cyanide gold-plated technology.

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