O-chlorobenzonitrile (2-chlorobenzonitrile, o-chlorobenzonitrile)

O-chlorobenzonitrile (2-chlorobenzonitrile, o-chlorobenzonitrile)

Product description:

CAS: 873-32-5
Alias: 2-chlorobenzonitrile, o-chlorobenzonitrile
Molecular formula: C7H4ClN
Molecular weight: 137.57
Boiling point: 232 c
Melting point: 43-46 c
O-chlorophenyl fine products are made of o-chloro toluene, ammonia, air mixture into the boiling reactor, in the presence of a catalyst to produce coarse o-chlorophenyl fine.
Then after distillation and purification, refining 99.8% above also include the content of chlorine in 1.5% the following intermediates of o-chlorophenyl fine.
Uses: pharmaceutical intermediates, organic powder.
Packing: 200 kg/barrel
Price: 14000 Yuan/ton