Phenyl methanone ( phenylmethyl ketone ) is Shiyao

Phenyl methanone ( phenylmethyl ketone ) is Shiyao

Product description:

CASNO .: 974-19-3
Alias: phenyl methyl ketone; acetophenone; 1-phenyl ethyl ketone
English name : Phenyl a ketone, 1-Phenyi-2-Propanone
Formula : C9H10O
Molecular Weight: 134.18
Gravity: 1.02808
Boiling point : 214 ℃
Features: colorless crystals or light yellow oily liquid, like hawthorn aroma .
Slightly soluble in water, soluble in many organic solvents.
Content : 99.9%
Uses : for the manufacture of soap and cigarettes, is also used as a cellulose ether, cellulose ester and a solvent such as resins, plastics and other plasticizers .
Packaging: 50 kg / barrel
Price: 80 yuan / kg