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Hordenine HCL (n-methyl hordenine) extraction

Hordenine HCL (n-methyl hordenine) extraction
  • Hordenine HCL (n-methyl hordenine) extraction
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CAS: 6027-23-2
Alias: n-methyl hordenine, 4-(2-dimethyl aminoethyl) phenol hydrochloride
Content: 99.9%
Molecular formula: C11H18NOCL
Molecular weight: 215.5
Properties: pure fine-needle-shaped raphides (ethanol), mp279-280.
Plant sources: rutaceae Cork Phellodendron amurense Rupr. Bark thickness skin pepper Zanthoxyum elephantiasis Macfad. Bark, Marmarostoma argyrostoma, toddalia Tecles sudanica A.Cheval Sudan.
Product index: (business standard)
Appearance: slightly yellow to white crystals or powder.
Biological activity: as the Central excited agent, μ g drug injection the injection 20-30 to when the ventricles of rats, which can cause epileptic wave EEG changes in cortical activation. But cAMP gathered in Guinea pig brain tissue sections with no apparent effect.
Use: for adrenaline, a bronchodilator, and radiation protection.
Packaging, storage and transportation: sanitary grade PE bag, external bottle and drum, 5kg/drum, 10kg/barrels. store in a cool, dry place to prevent rain, moisture, transported as ordinary solid medications. Shelf life of one year.
Price: 300 yuan/kg