Geranylacetone China manufacturer number

Geranylacetone China manufacturer number

Product description:

CAS No.: 689-67-8
Alias: 5E610--dimethyl-59-11 double -2-one
English name: Geranylacetone
Molecular formula: (Formula): C13H22O
Molecular weight: (Molecular Weight): 194.32
Physical and chemical index
Appearance: colorless to yellow liquid. Solubility: soluble in ethanol and other organic fluxes.
Boiling point: 124 ° c/1.3 kPa. Relative density: d2525:0.865~0.872. Refractive index: n20D:1.465~1.469.
Dosage: recommended dosage 5 ‰-10, dissolving temperature 70 ℃.
Content: 99.9%
Use (Useage): used as a pharmaceutical intermediate, used in the synthesis of Phytol, preparation of geranium oil, used in the perfume industry.
Packaging: 100 kilogram/barrel
Price: 46000 RMB/ton