Manufacturer handedly supply of sodium cyanide

Manufacturer handedly supply of sodium cyanide

Product description:

CAS NO: 143-33-9
Commonly known as: kaempferol, kaempferol sodium
Content: 99.2%
Molecular Weight: 49.02
Boiling point : 1496 ℃
Melting point : 563.7 ℃
Chemical Formula : NaCN
Solubility: soluble in water, slightly soluble in liquid ammonia, ethanol, benzene .
Appearance : white granular or frit, a faint odor of hydrogen cyanide .
Purpose : to extract gold, silver ( hydrometallurgy ) and electroplating ( plating solution), metal hardening, manufacture of pesticides, organic synthesis and chemical industries from ore can be contact with the product .
Packing : 50kg / drum
Price: 10,000 yuan / ton