Air Wipe, annular air knife, an annular air knife

Air Wipe, annular air knife, an annular air knife

Product description:

Air Wipe - Wires, cables and other plastic hose to cool the cooling surface is clean and dry handling professional products.

Air Wipe, also known as an annular air knife, an annular air knife, circular air knife, gas scrubbing ring, ring air knives, circular air knives, air ring. Airflow rub

Washing is currently the most reliable quality, cost-effective products. This product is used in a large number of domestic and foreign enterprises.

An annular air knife Introduction:

Air Wipe is specialized for wire; wire; plastic tube; metal pipe; cable and other linear materials; extrusion products; Hoses

Or other products blowoff, drying, cleaning and cooling of equipment, it provides a uniform 360 ° endless stream annular air knife by two curved

Hinged, can provide a large stream consisting of two air knives. Its air consumption is very small, but can have a strong blowing force.

JESON Air Wipe magnification of 30: 1, which produces high-flow gas stream to provide cooling and drying of the product for each side

An annular structure can produce a stable, strong airflow wrapped in the side of the object, so that you can remove all the water and dirt.

Air ring works:

Compressed air through the air circulation through the inlet (1) into the ring cavity (2). Then the throttle and speed through the annular nozzle (3) a stream

Start high-speed spilled along the Coanda wall (4), which shares the airflow along the side wall of the air ring with an angled jet. Thus in the air on one side of the ring

Center position will produce a low-pressure region (5) This low pressure area will force a lot of air with high pressure ambient air spilled out of a flow of air

The other side of the gas ring. When the air stream leaving the ring, resulting in a 360 ° conical ring airflow, which shares strong uniform airflow can hold

Continued stable wipe material blowing air ring dirt, water and other impurities (6) through.

Air Wipe advantages:

1 price

2 quiet (low noise)

3 Low air consumption

4 balanced steady flow radially through the air ring

5 no electricity, no moving parts

6 without touching the surface of the material; without wiper; water and dirt scrape the surface of the blade

7 weight, small size compact

8 has holes for easy installation

9 split design - compact; rugged; easy to install

10 adjustable wind and flow

11 meets OSHA pressure and noise requirements maximum

Air Wipe applications:

1 blowing debris; waste; water and dust

2 open air injection pipe replacement parts processing done to clean up after treatment

3 cooling molds or castings

4 continuous length components such as cooling hoses, pipes, etc.

5 wash; clean; after plating or coating the dried material

6 cooling extruded material

7 eliminate material contamination by the radial transmission process

8 to eliminate the remaining coating, water and oil

The tube; cable; extrusion molding material; wire; rods and pipes provide an ideal drying program