Cooler, cold air gun, air gun

Cooler, cold air gun, air gun

Product description:

JESON Cooler:

- In subfreezing air to cool the machinery parts processing and zero refrigeration

JESON cooling known as vortex tube cooling gun gun, cold gun, cold pipe, vortex tube cold air gun, local coolers, dry coolers etc. cold gun is the world's most reliable quality, cost-effective products. Its products at home and abroad has been widely used.

Cooler works:

JESON vortex tube cooling gun use ordinary compressed air into a cold low pressure stream two shares. Heat flow through the suppressor reflection, some is discharged from the hot gas outlet. Air flow discharged from the universal hose, the flexible tube that is to be cooled directly to the The site, immediately cooling heat-generating components cooled gun with a magnetic base, very easy to install, and very lightweight.

Cooler Introduction:

JESON Cooler is suitable for factory applications using cooling equipment cooling principle made vortex cooling cooling gun range is: can an inlet temperature of 140 ° F (77 ° C) of air temperature dropped to 75 ° F (41 ° C) because the air temperature close to the ambient temperature; so; it can be the ambient temperature is 75 ° F by compressed air pressure drop to 0 ° F (-18 ° C) of the cooling air flow.

JESON Cooler Features:

Cooler is a portable air conditioning source, widely used in drying or point of mechanical refrigeration process.

Cooler air only, it can lower the temperature of the compressed air 80 ° F (45 ℃) to generate low temperature airflow.

Cooler clean and easy to install, and its permanent base and a flexible tube can be bent to any desired position air flow cooling!

Cooler can provide important, harsh environment industrial applications cooling applications cooling gun use is very sturdy stainless steel manufacturing, precision machining, assembly and testing under strict quality control in the cooling liquid, water or other corrosive substances When the environment, the Cooler surface does not dent or rust corrosion.

1; simply insert an air tube; aligned object to be cooled; you can work for a stable

2; instant ON / OFF

3; maintenance-free, no moving parts

Cooler very Feasts of tools:

1 cooling and drying equipment; for metal; composites; plastics; rubber and wood processing industry

2 is particularly suitable for tapping operation

3 indoor CNC machining centers; CNC turning centers; the ideal tool for ordinary vehicles grinder; suitable for car; milling; grinding; drilling; tapping

4 Enhanced workpiece feed, speed and improve workpiece quality

5 without coolant consumption; avoid contamination caused by coolant; skin irritation; dirty wall floor machines, etc.

6 clean, dry finish machining of parts

7 improve the life of the tool; improve yield; improve the finish; reduce poor workers

8 Avoid generation and micro-cracks due to heat generated by burning

Cooler Applications:

1; without coolant; loss or zero chemical residue

2; cooling pad; melt metal; thermal adhesive

3; cooling heat detecting electronic components; the board and thermostats

4, cooling heat with spare parts

5; cooling the hot mold; ultrasonic device

6, cooling the sewing needle against breakage caused by heat and avoid synthetic filament breakage.

JESON cooling the compressed air gun can produce a temperature lower than -28 ℃ low temperature airflow clean

1 maintenance; no moving parts; no electrical parts; and the use of low noise ((70 db)

2 Use the industry standard compressed air as the sole power source, cooling capacity can not be adjusted to avoid when using ice factory setting of air flow and temperature, you can achieve the best cooling effect.